Singapore Campus iOS Development Instructor



SGD 5000 - 8000 per month
One day per week building your own project.

ALPHA Camp prides ourselves in providing a conducive and dynamic campus environment for our students. We are looking for an iOS Instructor who is deeply passionate about knowledge sharing and coaching others in building iOS app technologies.
As our iOS instructor, your job is to help our students develop skills and potentially launch careers in iOS app development.
This is done via classroom facilitation, workshops, and mentoring and coaching. You will also be responsible for improving our curriculum by curating and developing new content, problem sets, and homework. We also offer instructor training programme to help you become a competent mentor and coach in technology development.
This will account for 80% of your time at ALPHA Camp.

What about the rest of the time?
80% time Developing People, 20% your Own Project

At ALPHA Camp, we believe combining teaching and doing is the best way to develop one’s craft. This is why we reserve 20% of our instructor’s time (1 day per week) and encourage them to personal development or external projects.

Jobs Description:
Coach and facilitate students in learning the fundamentals to advanced level of iOS app development.
Co-develop and improve our curriculum based on students’ feedback and industry best practices.
Being part of the ALPHA Camp family:
Being in ALPHA Camp gives you a great platform to network with experts and leaders from the technology and startup scene. You will get to meet with professionals from various backgrounds.


In addition to these core values, check out if you are the ONE we are looking for -
・Competent iOS Developer with 3-5 years of experience
・Share our passion in helping others learn
・Experienced in developing complete iOS projects
・An effective communicator - experienced in teaching is a plus, but we are open to anyone with the commitment to learn
・Enjoys meeting people, making friends, and giving back to the community
・Listen to the students and encourage full expression of opinions and views in class
・Possesses empathy to new learners and the ability to relate to their learning challenges
・Shares our belief in collaborative learning, coupled with the use of online resources to enhance the learning environment and dynamics in class.

Train-the-Trainer Programme

We have an in-house Train-the-Trainer programme in place to provide you with the right set of tools and coaching to build a dynamic and collaborative learning environment for the students.
Now, are you up for the challenge?


《 ALPHA Camp 的福利 》

・一年 12 天特休,兩年後每年再多三天
・下午茶、不定時公司聚餐 ,吃不完的零食、喝不完的咖啡、紅茶、Redbull、啤酒

==== 但是我們希望這些都不該是你加入 AC 的原因 ====

《 真正加入 AC 的理由 》

・【舞台】- 跨國企業合作,外派至新加坡或其他國家工作的機會
・【戰友】- 擁有 MIT、Carnegie Mellon、Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 等國際經驗的戰友,Yahoo!、Google、Apple 等資深管理者的業師團
・【挑戰】- 我們的目標是透過人才培育,改善台灣與東南亞超過六億人的生活
・【共享】- 正職員工根據表現可獲發股票選擇權
・【使命】- 成就他人的理想,同時建立一個偉大的事業