Frontend Engineer



Introduction 簡介

ALPHA Camp is Asia's most influential technology and startup school. Starting in 2014, we have more than 6,500 alumni who transferred their careers to software engineers working in big companies or startups in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and more.

We turned from physical BootCamp to online learning in 2017. We built our learning platform with full stack. We launch React course in Oct 2022 to replace Vue, set our 5-year plan and release RISE membership for emerging tech leaders in Nov 2022.

You will join AC to scale up. It’s time for our learning platform moving on to the next stage, including separate Frontend and Backend. Our learning platform, official website, and blog are key products in our 5-year plan. We are looking forward to have you!

“We Empowered Your Career”, We have a clear vision, strategy, and strong executions.

“Outcome First” is our core value. We keep growing and getting closer to our vision.

ALPHA Camp 是在亞洲領先的科技創新職涯的線上學校。從 2014 創立開始,我們已經有超過 6500 位校友遍及台灣、新加坡、中國、以及全球的科技企業。

在 2017 年從實體培訓營轉為線上學校,AC 自行開發線上學習平台 Lighthouse。 就在 2022 年 10 月,我們將前端技術的教學從 Vue 改為 React,並在同年 11 月,發表未來 5 年計畫並推出 RISE 會員 - 給未來技術領袖的新學習場域。

你將會參與 AC 的擴張及成長。我們的線上學習平台將步入下個階段,預計從前後分離開始。同時,我們的線上學習平台、官方網站及部落格都在 AC 接下來的 5 年計畫中,擔任重要角色。

「透過線上科技教育,幫助人們建立在數位時代自我實現所需的技能、思維,以及社群。」 是我們的使命。期待你的加入,與 AC 一同成長!


You can expect:

  • You will join our Product Team. You will be part of the full-function team to build our product, the learning platform, and websites.
  • You will work directly with our Backend team lead to build high performing web applications.
  • You will work with ≥ 3 tech experts & consultants.
  • You will have the 0-1 experience to separate Frontend and Backend.
  • Timeline:
    • 1~3 months:
      • onboard, get familiar with our technology and 2023 product roadmap.
      • plan Frontend structure, how to separate and the resources, support you need.
      • launch a mini MVP Frontend product
    • 3~6 months:
      • separate Frontend and Backend gradually projects by projects.
      • increase engineering capability and capacity
    • 6~12 months:
      • discuss and plan the engineering team
    • 1 year: be the Tech lead


  • 你將會加入產品團隊,內含完整職能以打造產品:線上學習平台及網站
  • 你將會與後端技術主管直接合作,一同打造高效能的網站
  • 你將會有 3 位以上的內外部技術專家或顧問可以請教
  • 你將會負責技術前後分離
  • 時程規劃預計如下:
    • 1~3 個月:
      • 熟悉 AC 所使用的技術及 2023 年的產品規劃
      • 規劃前端架構、如何前後分離以及所需的資源
      • 上線一個 Mini 的前端產品
    • 3~6 個月:
      • 逐步實行前後端分離
      • 增加產品開發能力及產能
    • 6~12 個月:
      • 討論及規劃技術團隊
    • 1 年後:期待你能成為技術主管


Responsibilities 責任範圍

  • You will primarily work on Lighthouse (our learning platform), official websites, and our WordPress sites.
  • You will enhance the SEO Performance and UI of our WordPress Website and Blog.
  • You will lead a greenfield project where you will be required to design and build one or more high-performance front-end web applications.
  • You will be the early hire of Frontend Engineers. Work independently; With good performance, you will become a Tech Lead.
  • Proactively collaborate with our product managers, backend team lead, and outsourcing product designers to deliver a great user experience for the learners on our platform.
  • Define metrics to optimize the process of development, performance, and user experience continuously.
  • 主要負責 AC 的線上學習平台 Lighthouse, 官網,以及 WordPress 網站
  • 優化 WordPress 網站的 SEO 及前端
  • 主導設計及建立多個高效能的前端產品
  • 你將會是早期加入的前端工程師,一開始會獨立工作;長期而言,我們期待你成為技術主管
  • 主動與產品經理、後端技術主管,以及外包的產品設計合作,一起打造更好的使用者體驗
  • 定義產品開發的指標、效能表現,並持續優化


Requirements 基本條件

  • Experience working with Backend Engineers to design and integrate APIs for building web products.
  • Proven experience building high-performance frontend web applications for consumer-facing products, preferably in React
  • Strong desire to grow and become a Tech Lead within the next 1-2 years.
  • Proactive learner and problem solver.
  • Product Centric: you care about user experience & design, from a user’s first touch point (website), to the purchase journey and finally to the actual product (learning) experience.
  • Remote work is possible, however, you will be required to join meeting during business hours in the Asia/Taipei Timezone (GMT+8)
  • Professional proficiency in Mandarin
  • 曾經參與前後端分離的過程
  • 能夠和後端工程師一同討論並設計網站的 API
  • 曾經打造過 2C (面向一般消費者)的優良網站,期待擅長的程式語言為 React
  • 渴望在接下來的 1~2 年內成為技術主管
  • 在團隊成長快速與持續變化的過程中,持續主動積極學習與解決問題
  • 具備產品思維:在乎使用者從頭到尾的體驗與設計(從使用者踏入網站、購買產品直到實體學習的整個歷程)
  • 如果你採取遠距工作、不在台灣,則需要能配合台北時區工作(GMT+8)


Nice to have 加分條件

  • UI/UX design experience
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails (our Backend tech)
  • Familiar with WordPress
  • 有 UI/UX 設計經驗
  • 曾使用過 Ruby on Rails (我們的後端語言)
  • 熟悉 WordPress


Apply Now

Please send us a cover letter and your resume via Yourator.

We will review it in 1 week. If you pass the review, we will invite you for Phone Screen Interview. It helps us know more about your past experience and expectation toward next stage.

There are 3 stages in the whole process, which includes: Phone Screen Interview, Panel Interview, and Culture Interview by CEO, if there's further needs, AC keeps the flexibility to adjust or add on the stage in the hiring process.







《 ALPHA Camp 的福利 》

・優於勞基法的休假,到職即享有 5 天 AC days 休假
・下午茶、不定時公司聚餐 ,吃不完的零食、喝不完的咖啡、紅茶、啤酒

==== 但是我們希望這些都不該是你加入 AC 的原因 ====

《 真正加入 AC 的理由 》

・【舞台】- 跨國企業合作,外派至新加坡或其他國家工作的機會
・【戰友】- 擁有 MIT、Carnegie Mellon、Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 等國際經驗的戰友
・【挑戰】- 我們的目標是透過人才培育,改善台灣與東南亞超過六億人的生活
・【使命】- 成就他人的理想,同時建立一個偉大的事業


NT$ 1,300,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)