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About ALPHA Camp

ALPHA Camp’s mission is to "help people develop meaningful and valuable careers". We not only teach technology and how to apply them, but also help people showcase their skills in this era where technology evolves quickly.

ALPHA Camp (AC) is an educational startup established in 2013. AC started its first classes in Taiwan and then launched its signature bootcamps in 2014. In 2016, AC expanded to Singapore and collaborated with the local government to cultivate tech talents. The following year, we launched online courses in web development, committed to creating the best learning environment through the power of technology, data, and community, maintaining an 80% online retention rate and a 93% success rate of graduates finding their first full-time Software Engineering careers.

To date, ALPHA Camp has cultivated nearly 6,500 tech talents who work as engineers, UX designers, digital marketers, and other positions in tech companies worldwide. AC is one of the most influential online schools in Asia.

In 2021, ALPHA Camp raised a new round of fundraising, with funds invested in talent recruitment and the development of a unique learning management system, as well as the research and development of digital courses in Data and AI to continue to create the best environment for future tech talents to grow in Taiwan.

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About the Student & Teacher Success Team (STS)

Since 2020, COVID-19 has challenged every aspect of people's lives, blurring the boundaries between physical and online worlds. However, achieving effectiveness in remote and online work and education is not an easy task as many have foundout.

As pioneers of online bootcamps, we have created a unique online education experience led by our "Student & Teacher Success Team" (STS). STS is dedicated to designing "learning experiences" and "managing student effectiveness" for the best learning experience. The team help students "develop their ability to learn in a digital environment" to help them successfully join the tech industry.

Through STS’s design, execution, and management of the entire course experience and effectiveness, students' engagement has significantly increased. The completion rate has exceeded the industry average by 10 times, with an 80% retention rate and a 93% successful employment rate!

AC’s Student & Teacher Success team is the main driving force behind helping AC achieve its mission, and you will be join this team and directly shape the future of students and AC. We look forward to learning more about you and hearing your ideas on how to make online learning more effective.

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Job Description

At AC, we believe that learning journey (or user journey) extends beyond individual courses, and as our student population continues to grow, the overall design of the learning journey becomes increasingly important.

Therefore, we are looking for passionate and experienced individuals who have a passion in education and want to help others achieve their goals. Our goal is to enhance our student experience and in doing so, help them achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Coaches to Help Students Achieve Their Goals

  • In addition to teaching students technical skills, coaches help to define long-term and staged goals for "how to learn" and "learning ability" in each field
  • You will be collecting and analysing data on student behaviours to evaluate each of the students’ learning progress, such as:
    • Regularly providing personalised learning advice to students to help them understand their learning status and next steps of action.
    • Collaborating with Student Success Managers to design and establish long-term motivation management systems and processes from a behavioural science perspective (such as rewards, challenges, mechanisms, etc.) to ensure the effectiveness of the learning experience.
    • Design, manage and execute student communication, learning activities and related support (such as learning announcements, workshop hosting, teaching assistant grading and tracking, etc.) to ensure consistency of the learning experience.
  • Engage in coaching conversations with students to help them focus and clarify their goals, motivations, and status, and achieve consensus on strategies and action plans for learning and growing together at AC.

Experience Designer for Achieving Effective Learning

From the perspectives of experience design, product design, and product management:

  • Analyse and track the overall learning situation through data, qualitative analysis, quantification, etc., to find key factors affecting learning outcomes and continuously optimize product experience and effectiveness.
  • Conduct user interviews with students to understand the challenges and pain points encountered in their learning journey, identify key factors affecting the learning experience, and continuously optimize the product experience and effectiveness.
  • Design and activate online learning, learning community interaction and communication to establish correct cognition, behavior, and mindset for "how to learn" and "learning ability".
  • Actively seek and try out innovative methods (such as gamification, data science) that can systematically improve learning outcomes.
  • Collaborate with the AC learning content design and development team, external resources (industry consultants, technical experts, teaching assistants, instructors), gather technical content-related issues, provide analysis and diagnosis of learning challenges, and further promote learning paths and product optimisation solutions

Development Opportunities

By joining Student & Teacher Success team, you will have the opportunity to gain and develop skills in coaching, experience design, product design, and product management.

We expect your professional skills to continue to grow and have a greater impact, in areas such as:

  • Designing and managing course experiences to bring product experiences to life at scale, engaging with over 3,000 students per year
  • Creating new learning experiences in emerging fields and developing new learning products


Essential Qualifications

  • 1 year of work experience and have the following qualifications and are willing to take on the challenge.
  • Project management experience: Experience managing complex project processes (such as internal/external stakeholders, cross-team/departmental collaboration projects) and timelines, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, assessing the importance of each task to prioritise them, and ensuring tasks are completed on time.
  • Problem-solving skills: Basic quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, and experience designing, ideating, and implementing solutions to problems identified through analysis and observation.
  • Team collaboration management: Experience collaborating with two or more stakeholders simultaneously, and the ability to independently interact with different stakeholders to drive project progress.
  • Familiarity with Digital products: Exposure to digital products and have a keen interest in the skills and technologies required for technology learning and digital product development.

Bonus Points

  • Understanding of web application development or related technologies and knowledge of software development processes.

Apply Now

Please apply via Yourator with a cover letter and your resume.

We will review it in 1 week. If you pass the review, we will invite you for Case Study. It helps us know more about your professions.

There are 4 stages in the whole process, which includes: Case Study, Phone Screen Interview, Onsite/Online Interview and Culture Interview by CEO, if there's further needs, AC keeps the flexibility to adjust or add on the stage in the hiring process.




NT$ 520,000 - 730,000 (年薪)