Program Associates & Interns | 專案執行 & 實習

Anchor Taiwan: Your #1 Entrepreneurial Residency, Community & Investor⁣ Network⁣


Despite the titles, we work like a high-growth startup and all wear multiple hats. Believe in our mission and can do a bit of everything? Still a student but want to get your hands dirty? Join Anchor Taiwan as a Program Associate or Intern!

We are constantly looking for awesome humans with experiences and passion for two or more below fields:
➤ Business Operations
➤ Business Development
➤ Marketing / Communications
➤ Market / Industry Research

Anchor Taiwan 是一個全方位的精實團隊,我們鼓勵並希望團隊成員都能嘗試「跨職能合作」,隨時準備好跨領域支援、執行多面向的任務。如果你/ 妳擁有夢想與高度執行力、願意擁抱瞬息萬變的新創環境、充滿源源不絕的創意與正面能量,歡迎申請成為 A TEAM 專案執行 / 實習生!

➤ 運營
➤ 商業拓展
➤ 行銷與社群
➤ 市場產業研究


➤ Business Operations
* Experience in management, operations, and leadership
* Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English
* Passionate about efficiency and SOP
* Jack/Jill-of-all-trades
* Problem solver - adapt and react quickly to challenges
* Self-starter with great attention to detail

➤ Business Development
* Proven track record in expanding business relationships with quantifiable success stories
* Sales driven with authentic personality
* High level of empathy to identify collective benefits for all stakeholders involved
* Ability to articulate technical, financial and business points with a broad range of constituents

➤ Marketing / Communications
* Deep understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels
* Experienced with copywriting and producing marketing collaterals
* A great sense of aesthetics and brand image
* Ability to speak and write in English and Chinese fluently and idiomatically
* Bonus: photography, videography and graphic design skills (eg. Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva)

➤ Market / Industry Research
* Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English
* Interested in/ have a deep understanding of Taiwan's traditional industry and emerging trends
* Expert in setting up an effective logistic database and handling administrative tasks

➤ 運營
* 管理、運營及領導相關經驗
* 溝通及領悟能力強,精通中、英雙語
* 追求高效率,標準流程控
* 善於解決問題,能快速適應並面對狀況及挑戰
* 勇於主動出擊但不放過任何細節

➤ 商業拓展

➤ 行銷與社群
* 熟習傳統行銷媒介、掌握並具能力測試最新行銷管道
* 具文案撰寫經驗及文宣品製作經驗,高產出力、市場脈動敏感度高
* 具絕佳美感及品牌經營概念
* 精通中、英雙語溝通,文字風格精煉、接地氣
* 加分技能:平面攝影、動態攝影、剪接、Photoshop/ Illustrator/ Canva 等平面設計軟體技能

➤ 市場產業研究
* 溝通及領悟能力強,精通中、英雙語
* 對台灣傳統產業、最新產業趨勢深感興趣、具相關經驗者
* 文書處理能力高,有能力設立並管理資料庫並協助行政相關業務


What you will get:
➤ Constant exposure with cutting edge technology and business innovation | 與全球最新的科技和商業模式接軌
➤ Learning closely from world-class leaders and investors | 近距離接觸優秀創業家與投資人
➤ Diverse experience at the intersection of industry insights and cultural immersion | 全方位的學習機會
➤ International work environment | 國際化的工作環境
➤ The leadership that cares about your growth | 準備帶你一起成長的團隊
➤ Driving meaningful changes for Taiwan’s future | 為台灣的未來一起打拼


NT$ 150 - 150 (時薪)