Atomworks LLC.

We handle payment product (e.g. credit cards) technical quality assurance using softwar...



We handle payment product (e.g. credit cards) technical quality assurance using software, the entire process of which is generally termed Certification. What we "do" ends up in people's wallet, smartphone or browser - globally.


The devil is in the bits and that is the founding principle of our company, the smallest things matter the most when quality is the business. We seek team players that share this kind of mindset, regardless of their specialty.


Founded by 15+ years experts in EMVCo ( certification services 3 years ago, we provide a revolutionary B2B platform designed to move traditional offline certification workflows into centralized cloud-based operations.

Today Atomworks platform is the first of its kind globally, we connect technical solutions in the certification market to each other. By streamlining their common workflows into one standard and eliminating the redundant parts, we remove low-value costs, increase margins per service and elevate test quality to levels not possible otherwise.


● 自我管理制度(上班時間09:30 至 18:30)
● 每週至少一天在家上班(確實的自我管理、沒什麼事就在家好好做事吧、通勤很累的)
● 週休二日,依國定假日休假
● 第一年享有10天特休(依入職日比例)
● 國定連假不用補班 (放假就在家好好修息吧)
● 基本的勞保、健保、勞退提撥
● 你/妳會有一台 Apple Laptop + 外接顯示器
● 不流行加班,我們通常不加班就能完成負責的工作(我們的PM有在做事)
● 漂亮且舒適的工作環境,公司有免費的零食,飲料,咖啡(開發是很燒腦力的)
● 有開心的工作氣氛(工作場所是人的第二個家)
● 步行1分鐘可達松江南京捷運站(五號出口)