Electrical engineer of IoT ( Hardware engineer ) 硬體工程師 ( 電子電路, 化學感測器 & IoT設備開發 )



Participate in engineering efforts on product development teams and be responsible for the quality and content of electrical engineering deliverables
Have skills in the essential engineering tools used in product development (schematic capture, simulation a plus)
Conceptualize ways of providing new and improved value to our customers
Contribute electrical engineering knowledge and experience to product development projects
Maintain a high standard of customer service and professional guidance
Promote a results-oriented culture of teamwork, respect, excellence, integrity, and accountability


Basic Qualifications
The Staff Electrical Engineer is responsible for electrical engineering design and development and would be a key participating member of product development teams. In this role, the candidate will bring to bear world-class engineering knowledge, creativity, product development experience, planning, and communication skills to deliver winning solutions for clients.

Desired Qualifications:

● Involvement in developing a combination of high volume components/products and mid-complex product assemblies.
● Experience developing electrical and electro-mechanical products
● Experience in design using various microprocessor families
● Solid understanding of interfaces such as USB, I2C, SPI, UART, etc.
● A history of developing products with multi-disciplinary teams
● A history of participating in the development of products from inception to production
● A history of coordinating efforts of technical and non-technical team members
● PCB layout
● Knowledge of firmware a plus
● Motivated, takes initiative
● Effective and well organized
● Professional in manner and appearance


◆ 自由時間和環境
◆ 公司分紅與獎金
◆ 特休假(優於勞基法)/福利假/生日假
◆ 定期公司聚餐


NT$ 70,000 - 90,000 (月薪)