Software Engineer, Backend Engineer(Node.js)

Botrista 品牌識別


About Botrista:

Botrista leads the charge in transforming the food and beverage(F&B) industry with our expertise in automated beverages for foodservice operators. Specializing in cutting-edge automation products, we seamlessly integrate self-developed cloud-based IoT devices with an advanced cloud management platform, redefining the landscape of F&B industry.

Joining Botrista means being part of a collaborative environment that nurtures your software skills. By leveraging cloud-based big data and IoT technologies, we are not just redefining the food technology industry but also establishing an entirely new business model. Join us in shaping the complete AIoT ecosystem that is set to make a global impact in the food and beverage market!

About the role:

As a Backend Engineer (Node.js), you will be involved in the development of our main software product, CloudBar, a self-developed cloud-based platform. Your responsibilities go beyond just automation setup; also include active participation in projects involving data collection, processing, analysis, and integration with third-party services. You'll have the opportunity to experience various technologies and undergo training, spanning from Node.js programming language, MongoDB NoSQL database, to encompassing areas like DevOps, CI/CD, software engineering, data pipeline, TDD development, and IoT platforms.

You'll also become an integral part of a dynamic, cross-functional agile squad, working alongside frontend, backend, devops, QA, firmware engineers, as well as professionals in product design and project management. Our squads flourish in an open, fast-paced environment characterized by flat structures, ensuring that the voice of every team member is valued and heard. If you're seeking a challenging opportunity, this is your invitation to contribute to groundbreaking technology and be a core member of our collaborative team!

***Please be advised that our team is actively seeking candidates at different levels. Each candidate undergoes individual evaluation and is assigned a suitable level based on their skills and experience.***



  • Work with cross-functional teams to scope, design, and develop features and processes for various cloud-based applications
  • Build back-end services and APIs to support new and existing product initiatives
  • Maintain and improve existing codebase for internal tools to ensure they’re scalable in a high-growth environment
  • Participate in the design and optimization of server-side architecture

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 1+ years of extensive Node.js programming experience
  • Sufficient Node.js and proficient in using Express.js frameworks
  • Experienced with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
  • Familiar with Node.js event loop, asynchronous io, common modules, etc.
  • Experience in using git-related version control software
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
  • Familiar with writing unit tests

Salary Range: 

The yearly package ranges from NT$1,000,000 to $2,000,000. Your specific base salary will be determined based on your experience. Additionally, this position may be eligible for bonuses and stock options.







  • 美式管理風格:彈性上下班,讓同仁們可自行安排自己的時間,外加每周可自行選一天WFH!

  • 休假多多:提供優於勞基法的年假,外加每個月一天帶薪事假(入職即享有) ,入職第一年加總就有將近20天的休假!

  • 基本配備:每位同仁皆配有一台筆電,外加24吋外接螢幕!   

  • 吃到飽飲料吧:機台飲料無限暢飲!定期補滿零食櫃,全自動咖啡機!

  • 鼓勵夥伴學習: 定期舉辦講座、讀書會、員工訓練、外訓課程及學習補助,大家一起 變得更好!

  • 溫馨員工活動: Work hard, play hard! 福委會固定舉辦萬聖節活動、聖誕節活動、好玩有趣Team Building活動、每月壽星慶生、春酒、不定期聚餐等。

  • 透明升遷制度:具良好的升遷制度與職涯成長機會,鼓勵同仁們多方發展不同領域,並定期與創辦人1對1談話,共同討論公司未來方向。

  • 績效獎金:保障年薪13個月,外加依照個人績效及公司營運狀況,發放員工分紅及獎金。 


NT$ 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 (年薪)