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Calyx的氣體感測平台技術源自於十多年生物材料工程的研究,是一家由加州大學柏克萊分校(UC Berkeley)和勞倫斯柏克萊國家實驗室(LBNL)團隊所創立的公司,致力於將先進的生物材料應用於感測器中,生產出低成本、高效能的感測器,來即時地偵測空氣中特定的氣體化合物。



After over a decade of bio-materials engineering research effort at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Calyx was spun out with the mission to apply advanced bio-materials to create inexpensive and power-efficient sensors for the real-time detection and characterization of airborne chemical compounds.

We leverage genetic engineering and chemical modifications to the protein coats of aligned organic nanomaterials known as phages, to design highly sensitive and selective sensors for airborne chemicals. While our technology platform has received widespread interest from many different industry sectors, we are currently focused on toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene, as market entry applications.


Main Products:
• Sensor Module
• Sensor System
• Aroma Analyzer

公司成員 ( 1 / 3 )

Ray Chiu

Benson Fan

Jimmy Leu

Ray Chiu Acting CEO, COO

CEO of Calyx. Researcher at LBNL; Master's at UC Berkeley in Bioengineering; B.S. at National Taiwan University in Chemical Engineering.

Benson Fan CTO

Founder @Calyx, studied @ University of California, Berkeley, studied @University of Waterloo

Jimmy Leu VP of Engineering

Founder of Calyx studied @ University of Southern California, MS EE, studied @ National Sun Yat-sen University, MS ME. studied @ Tamkang University, BS ME


Calyx explores the power of biomaterials to deliver smart and customizable sensing solutions.


Our team is composed of members from UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University, founded in June, 2015.

We are part of the QB3 network of incubators, members of Janssen Labs @QB3 and BayBio, and winners of the Big Ideas @Berkeley competition.

BioInspira is currently one of the startup portfolio in the Foundry @ CITRIS.

Seed Fundraising:
.June 1, 2017: Raised an Unknown Amount from SparkLabs Accelerator
.August 12, 2016: undisclosed amount from Investors: SOSV, Indie Bio


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