AI Challenge Owner (Research Project Lead)


Cinnamon AI Taiwan Inc. 是間相當注重「人才培育」的日本AI新創公司,我們希望能與員工一同成長,培育出更多研究與實作能力兼具的頂尖AI領域人才!

名稱: Cinnamon AI Taiwa...

地區:臺灣 台北




Responsibilities and Performance Objectives

● Devise the best possible technologies to create business impacts; novelty of the solutions and long-term reusability.
● Understand the requirements and technical challenges of the products in depth by performing research in the related field.
● Create a comprehensive Work Break-down Structure (WBS) to accomplish the technical challenges and ensure that the WBS is consistent to overall project/product timeline.
● Supervise team members on WBS execution and manage the risks within internal stakeholders.
● Solve these challenges by accompanying team members with clear vision and in-depth knowledge of the surrounding technologies.
● Develop strategies to bring out the best in team members. Strong expertise in leadership, listening and coaching skills are required.
● Cooperate and coordinate members for collaborative and effective team works.


Skills and Experience Required

● Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning or related discipline or equivalent experience.
● Advanced knowledge and skills in AI, ML, DL.
● Solid background of one or more of the following domains:
- Computer vision / Image Processing
- Natural language processing
- Spoken language processing
● Solid background in maths (Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics).
● Strong background in Computer Architecture / Operating Systems and Performance Optimization.
● Knowledge and experience of key machine learning and deep learning frameworks, e.g. Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe, CNTK, etc.
● Team player. Should be able to communicate, lead and coach other team members
● Passionate to build great product.
● Excellent communication skills both verbal and written (Documentation, Presentation)
● Energy and willingness to bring the best out of the others and absolute respect toward righteousness, understand the impact of coaching and leadership on the team.

Desired Skills

● Master degree or PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning or related discipline; or equivalent experience.
● Strong publication record and/or project management is a plus.
● Excellent programming skills with Python, C/C++. CUDA or OpenCL is a plus.
● Problem solving by having strong research skills.
● Fluent in English.


- 國際化團隊,可與不同國家的同事交流,從文化差異上獲得更多成長與開放包容的氣度。
- 自由工作風氣,彈性上下班時間,亦有Work from home制度,讓你隨時保持在最佳狀態。
- 向成功創業家學習的機會,CEO Miku、CTO Hajime皆是連續創業家,提早收穫戰略思維。
- 加入改變世界的浪潮,我們做的不只是技術服務,而是打造科幻電影中出現的智能產品。
- 注重個人成長,導入Google採用的OKR目標管理系統,讓你每一季都有超出極限的收穫。


NT$ 90,000 - 180,000 (月薪)


What you will do: ● Work closely with the related stak...
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一流的 AI 公司,需要一流的 Backend Engineer,將 AI 產品化、讓 AI 的研發最佳化! 想...
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