Google Cloud Platform 雲端架構師 (Cloud Architect)



CloudMile is a young start-up team which enables clients solving most mission-critical challenges by leveraging top-notch artificial intelligence, cloud and security technologies with leading vendors in the markets.
As a “CloudMiler”, we thrive to be the leading Enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence, cloud and security solutions providers in Asia. We are the First Google Premier Partner to acquire Infrastructure and machine learning Specializations in North Asia with strong investment in R&D and technologies.

【Job Description】
✦ Cooperate with sales to understand and assess customer requirements
✦ Prepare and present a demonstration of Google cloud technologies with a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google cloud platform.
✦ Design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.
✦ Address and overcome technical issues arise throughout the sales process and manage implementation and operations
✦ Conducting GCP training sessions for end users and administrators


【Minimum Qualification】
✦ Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required
✦ 3 years of programming experience in Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, or ruby.
✦ 1 year of programming experience in cloud platform (Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS, etc..)
✦ Familiar Restful framework (Django, flask, falcon, etc)
✦ Excellent organization and communication skills.

【Preferred Qualification】
✦ 3 years as MIS windows server administrator.
✦ Hands-on experience with MS SQL Server, MS Exchange.
✦ Participating in the Agile DevOps design, development, testing, and release of new capabilities and features with focus on release and post-production support
✦ Full-stack development experience
✦ Obtained Google Cloud Architect certificate


1. 勞健、團體保險
2. 員工配股
3. 年終獎金
4. 部門聚餐
5. 慶生會
6. 績效獎金
7. 完整的教育訓練
8. 順暢的升遷管道

1. 週休二日
2. 特休/年假
3. 女性同仁生理假
4. 生日假
5. 結婚禮金
6. 生育津貼
7. 員工進修補助

1. 交通便利的辦公室地點,靠近捷運101/世貿站,1號出口走路五分鐘內就能到
2. 設施齊全的商辦大樓,甚至備有淋浴間,讓你騎腳踏車通勤也不怕滿身汗臭
3. 開放寬敞的工作環境,抱著筆電想在哪工作就在哪工作
4. 公司備有咖啡機、咖啡豆,工作累時,隨時提振你的精氣神
5. 辦公室有各式飲料、零食和時不時的老闆請客聚餐,不怕你吃,只怕你不吃

1. 第一天報到會有一台 MacBook 讓你使用,「工欲善其事,必先利其器」嘛!
2. 我們愛惜並培育一起努力的人,員工享有完善的教育訓練,除了提供你專業領域的進修補助,還有海外受訓的機會
3. 公司福委會為當月的壽星同事慶生,分享快樂
4. 團隊的成員每個臥虎藏龍,加入以後會與很棒的同事共事,彼此激盪、穩定成長