Arc & Codementor 正在尋找一位優秀的 User Experience Researcher 加入我們。遠端工作將是世界的趨勢,我們的使命是為世界各地的人才,找到適合他們的工作機會。我們相信,徹底了解用戶的需求與痛點,是產品開發的基礎。 在達到商業目標的前提下,了解用戶與市場,解決用戶的問題,提升使用者體驗,是我們期待 UX researcher 與產品團隊共同達到的目標。如果你對使用者研究充滿熱情,並且嚮往科學又不失敏捷的產品開發節奏,歡迎你加入我們。



- 利用各種研究方法,幫助產品團隊了解目標使用者的需求與痛點

- 設計各種實驗,尋找合適的使用者,快速驗證各種對使用者的假設

- 透過實驗或研究結果進行分析,並提出洞見,協助找出潛在的需求、問題或有價值的方向

- 與 PM、設計師、工程師密切溝通合作,將你的發現轉化為實際的產品需求

- 在公司內部推廣使用者研究的重要性,提升各個部門使用者研究的相關知識

- 與CEO、COO密切合作,研究與分析潛在使用者的價值與機會



- 具有2 年以上使用者研究經驗

- 具有海外市場使用者研究經驗

- 英文能力佳,能獨立用英文完成使用者訪談,研究結果報告亦需用英文呈現

- 有與產品團隊(設計師、工程師、PM ... etc)共同規劃使用者研究的經驗,善於從各個角色的意見中找到平衡點

- 熟悉各種質性研究方法,與量化的研究方法

- 能深入了解產品特性與當下情形,獨立規劃並完成一個完整的研究流程

- 善於文字和口語的溝通,能清楚客觀的報告研究成果,也能清晰的表達個人論點與洞察



- 5年以上使用者研究相關經驗熟悉網路產業,或是曾在新創公司工作設計或心理相關科系碩士或博士畢業


Arc & Codementor is looking for an experienced UX researcher to join our team. As remote working continues to trend, Arc’s mission is to empower talents to do work that matters from anywhere in the world. We believe the foundation to product development is to thoroughly understand the needs and pain points of users. Under the premise of reaching business goals, to understand users and the market, to solve user problems, and to increase user experience, is what we expect the UX researcher to achieve alongside with our product team. If you are passionate about user research and yearn scientific yet agile product development, welcome to join us!



- Use different research methods to help product teams understand the needs and pain points of target users

- Design various experiments, find the right users, and quickly verify hypothesis made about users

- Analyze and provide insights through experiments or research results to help identify potential needs, problems, or valuable directions

- Work closely with PM, designers, and developers, transform findings into actual product requirements 

- Promote the importance of user research within the company and enhance relevant knowledge of user research in various departments

- Work closely with CEO and COO to research and analyze the value and opportunities of potential users



- 2+ years of user research experience 

- Experienced in user research in overseas market

- Able to conduct user interviews independently and completely in English, research findings should also be presented in English

- Experienced in user research planning with product teams (designers, developers, PM, etc), and good at finding the balance within the team

- Familiar with qualitative and quantitative research methods

- Able to understand product characteristics and current situation, independently plan and complete a research process

- Excels at written and spoken communication, can clearly and objectively report research results, and can clearly express personal opinions and insights



- 5+ years of relevant experience related to user research Familiar with tech industry or have worked at start-up companies Master’s or PhD degree in Design, Psychology, or related fields



- 很有活力
- 成員背景多元,不只會交流程式語言,也會交流各國語言
- 溝通扁平,我們相信所有想法都是讓團隊繼續成長的動力
- 工作嚴謹但氣氛輕鬆
- 喜歡學習,交流新事物
- 致力於解決真正的問題,而非虛榮的指標
- 幽默感十足,辦公室隨時都會有很好玩的事情
- 不只是工作夥伴也是可以聊天和假日相約的好友

- 基本勞健保和優於勞基法的請假制度(到職即有假)
- 年度健康檢查補助
- 交通極度方便的好地方,離忠孝新生站差不多30秒的步行距離,旁邊有非常多飲料及美食
- 乾淨大桌子和夠強的冷氣
- 舒服明亮寬敞的環境,有很好的view
- 吃不完的零食、茶和咖啡
- 特殊日子會有免費飲料
- 生日會得到小驚喜
- 定期的溫馨聚餐和出遊
- 彈性的遠端工作政策


Why Arc & Codementor?
- A smart and energetic team that is passionate about solving customers' needs and loves to learn new things!
- Diverse team members - our colleagues are from different countries and backgrounds.
- We're excited to share our experience with you!
- Flat organizational structure - you'll be able to make a profound impact on the work we do and every idea is welcome!
- Flexible vacation/time-off policy
- A bright and comfortable office - with a standup desk!
- Snacks and drinks are provided in the office
- Our office is 1 min away from MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station(忠孝新生站)
- Group activities (Hiking, Bowling, KTV, etc.)
- We have team dinners and team bonding events regularly
- Remote friendly

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NT$ 45,000 - 90,000 (月薪)