Community Manager


Smart and get things done.

名稱: Codementor


地址: 台北市中正區新生南路一段50號七樓之七



What You Will Be Doing

- Manage technical content published by members of our community
- Coordinate and manage freelance writers for contributed content
- Brainstorm and execute campaigns to grow our community
- Distribute community content to social channels, aggregators, and publications/newsletters
- Outreach to developers and influencers
- Engage with members of the community on social media channels


Qualities We Look For

- Comfortable with using English as the only language of communication
- Interested in programming and software or have a technical background
- Brings ideas to the table, enjoys brainstorming with the team, and loves testing out different marketing initiatives
- Motivated, proactive, and accountable – you're a self-starter who sees things through to successful conclusions without anyone looking over your shoulder

Bonus Qualifications/Experiences
- Related work experience in marketing and/or community management
- Comfortable reading and using programming jargon
- Experience with analytics tool, such as Google Analytics
- Familiarity with SEO
- An avid user of social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit


- 很有活力
- 成員背景多元,不只會交流程式語言,也會交流各國語言
- 組織扁平,我們相信所有想法都是讓團隊繼續成長的動力
- 工作嚴謹但氣氛輕鬆
- 喜歡學習,交流新事物
- 致力於解決真正的問題,而非虛榮的指標
- 幽默感十足,辦公室隨時都會有很好玩的事情
- 不只是工作夥伴也是可以聊天和假日相約的好友

- 免打卡,彈性工作時間
- 基本勞健保和優於勞基法的請假制度(到職即有假)
- 交通極度方便的好地方,離忠孝新生站差不多30秒的步行距離,旁邊有非常多飲料及美食
- 乾淨大桌子和夠強的冷氣
- 舒服明亮寬敞的環境,有很好的view
- 吃不完的零食、茶和咖啡
- 特殊日子會有免費飲料
- 生日會得到小驚喜
- 定期的溫馨聚餐和出遊
- 一年一次國外Retreat

Why Codementor?
- A smart and energetic team that is passionate about solving customers' needs and loves to learn new things!
- Diverse team members - our colleagues are from different countries and backgrounds.
- We're excited to share our experience with you!
- Flat organizational structure - you'll be able to make a profound impact on the work we do and every idea is welcome!
- Flexible vacation/time-off policy
- A bright and comfortable office - with a standup desk!
- Snacks and drinks are provided in the office
- Our office is 1 min away from MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station(忠孝新生站)
- Group activities (Hiking, Bowling, KTV, etc.)
- We have team dinners and happy hours regularly


在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡...
在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡...
在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡...
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在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡...
在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡...
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