Computer Vision and Machine Learning Researcher (Junior)


What you'll do:
* Cooperate with senior researcher to develop application/solution.
* Participate in project reviews and work with project manager to improve the application performance and stability.
* Benchmark and optimize the developed application to meet the performance requirement of the product.
* Participate to identify high-impact research topics in computer vision systems.


Minimum qualifications :
* Always open to new challenges and is willing to share.
* Think and work independently to solve problems.
* Can collaborate with team members remotely.
* Bachelor's degree in a technical field such as computer science, electric engineering, physics, mathematics or any other relevant discipline with a focus on machine learning and convolutional neural network development.
* Exceptional Python coding skills.
* 2 years of software engineering experience.

Preferred qualifications :
* Be able to create high-performance implementations of deep learning algorithms.
* Design and implement machine learning solutions for providing enterprise solutions.
* Be able to evaluate open-source solutions that involve different machine learning architectures.
* Be aware of state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and software engineering methods, tools and trends.
* Perform development and consulting projects collaborating with colleagues, customers and universities.


★ 我們重視員工貢獻,因此每年有兩次核薪,讓你的付出看得見!
★ 我們不吝嗇給予獎勵,每年依照獲利進行分紅
★ 我們優於勞基法,正職員工享有勞健保全額補助
★ 我們了解每個人的工作習慣不同,因此採彈性上下班
★ 我們 WFH 是玩真的,讓你在自己最舒適的環境上班
★ 我們沒有綁手綁腳的年假限制,正職員工享有年假無上限(最低需放滿勞基法規定年假)


NT$ 60,000 - 80,000 (月薪)