[Internship] Junior App 軟體開發工程師


We are looking for an agile mobile developer (iOS/Android/hybrid Apps) who is familiar with startup culture, and is interested in helping mobile users to bring the values of data back to them. We expect this person will love to interact with users and understand how to bring values to users through human computer interaction. The primary focus of this job will be in developing applications to collect, process, management, and secure data. The main responsibilities are:

* Work within our product teams to design and build new exciting features.
* Implement hybrid apps and publish to store.
* Design app UX and collect feedback from users.


Basic Qualifications
* Knowledge of hybrid app development
* Any distributed VCS (Git is preferable)
* Familiar with Linux system usage
* Be able to work in teams and collaborate remotely
* Love new challenges
* Work at least three days a week

Additional Qualifications
* Experience with Ionic and Cordova
* Experience in any of Angular, React, or Vue
* Developed apps which were previously launched in Store
* A GitHub/GitLab account with some cool projects
* Experience with relational or NoSQL database
* Experience with TypeScript, Python
* Experience with iOS app development


★ 我們重視員工貢獻,因此每年有兩次核薪,讓你的付出看得見!
★ 我們不吝嗇給予獎勵,每年依照獲利進行分紅
★ 我們優於勞基法,正職員工享有勞健保全額補助
★ 我們了解每個人的工作習慣不同,因此採彈性上下班
★ 我們 WFH 是玩真的,讓你在自己最舒適的環境上班
★ 我們沒有綁手綁腳的年假限制,正職員工享有年假無上限(最低需放滿勞基法規定年假)


NT$ 250 - 350 (時薪)