Senior Machine Learning Engineer



1. Design, develop and implement machine learning algorithms and collaborated with cross-function teams, including product, backend teams, and domain experts to optimize clinical and diagnosis workflow.

2. Deploy machine learning algorithms to aetherAI products, including the web-based platform and edge devices.

3. Engage in Python library development and implementation.

4. Conduct research in medical imaging using machine learning techniques with physicians and teams to solve real-world problems.

5. Discover potential products, modules, and applications by executing AI projects and cooperated with physicians.

6. Cooperate with the legal team and solution team to complete the technical parts of regulatory documents.


1. 2 years of experience in computer vision in industry or academia.

2. Experience in machine learning, data mining, statistical modeling, and software design.

3. Fluent in Python programming, including general packages such as NumPy, machine learning frameworks such as XGBoost, and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow / PyTorch.

4. Familiarity with Linux/Unix environments, Docker, and Git.

5. Good communication and presentation skills.





1. Bachelor's degree or Master’s degree in Computer science, Statistics, Medicine, or other related fields.

2. Proficiency in C, C++, or Python programming.

3. Knowledge of analyzing digital histopathology images.

4. Experience in conducting experiments in various settings of datasets and model hyperparameters, and comparing the performance of experiment results.

5. Experience in developing Python library.

6. Familiar with good practice of coding to deliver high-quality code in readable and maintainable.

7. Experience in MLOps, including ML development workflow (e.g., DVC, MLFlow) and deployment (e.g., NVIDIA Triton, ONNX).

8. Be cooperative, open-minded, and self-motivated.

9. Have excellent publication records.








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