Operations Associate_Dtto Latin America

Dcard 團隊照


Dcard is the biggest anonymous community in Taiwan. With millions of active users and 18 million unique visitors per month, Dcard provides a free and secure environment for our users to share their thoughts, stories, and life experience and make the world a better place through the exchange of ideas.

As we are currently expanding our business in international markets, we are looking for an Operations Associate who is passionate and talented to join us, and build the next big thing for the generation together. As an Operations Associate at Dtto (the name Dcard uses for international markets), you will be a member of our New Market Team and help us to organize the new market operations and collaborate with stakeholders to drive our business forward. Let’s build a community to help university students in Peru expand their social circle!

Get to know New Market Team

There are thousands of people who share and read stories from different members on Dcard every day, so the ideas you develop and implement will immediately reach a great number of users. You will collaborate with several functional teams such as Marketing, Product, Design, and Developer to identify opportunities, create strategies and execute global expansion plans. As a member of the New Market Team, you will focus on a variety of areas and aspects related to the emerging markets to provide users with the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate cross functionally with various departments and assist in the preparation and execution of new market operations
  • Search for potential external partners - act as the liaison and maintain implementation progress
  • Implement optimization proposals by participating in team discussions and projects
  • Collate information on product development, business strategy, market research, competitive product analysis or business cooperation and make recommendations to optimize our new market operations
  • Miscellaneous tasks related to new market operations


  • Taipei office



  • Language
    • Professional proficiency in Spanish
    • Professional proficiency in English
  • Great communication skills, ability to cooperate with external stakeholders and different roles in the company
  • Ability to adapt to different situations, proactive, and excited to face unknown challenges
  • Possess strong project management, scheduling, and organizational skills with the ability to use resources at hand to help the team achieve project goals
  • Heavy social media user
  • Document handling experience




Bonus Qualifications

  • Professional proficiency in Chinese
  • Dcard / Dtto user
  • Previous experience related to business / marketing
  • Previous experience working with members from different cultures
  • Appreciate and understand Latin American culture


Team Culture

  • Abundant learning resources to encourage growth mindset
  • An international team - you will work amongst talented team members
  • We value the opinion of all members - you are encouraged to participate in team decisions
  • An open, flexible work environment

享有優於法律的年假、不扣薪病假、生日假和特殊假期(Dcard 日等),休息是為了走更長遠的路。


彈性的 Remote Work,夥伴可以自主安排工作的時間與地點,更多的彈性,創造不同的可能性!



水果日 、手搖杯日、個人按摩、各類運動課程、專屬的 Dcard Buddy Program 等,和夥伴一起享受 Dcard 生活!

我們從夥伴們的需求出發培育夥伴,提供無上限學習資源(書籍、講座、課程補助),夥伴可以直接提出需求,並在 24 小時內即可取得。

不定期和企業顧問合作、舉辦講師內訓,提供國內外 Conference 補助,如 WWDC、Google I/O ⋯,且邀請業界高手來到 Dcard 分享,不定期拜訪其他公司互相交流。我們鼓勵各部門舉辦讀書會、每月舉辦一次 Developer Session,不定期舉辦不同主題的工作坊等。