Senior Product Manager

Dcard 團隊照


We are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together.

Dcard is a social media platform devoted to creating a safe and free environment for ever-flowing ideas and extraordinary stories. Garnering the trust of the younger generation, our service attracts millions of active users and up to 18 million unique visitors per month. We have substantial influence and high penetration amongst the youth of Taiwan, but our ambitions do not stop here.

As a strong and emerging international company, we are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together. We continue to make impactful influence in the social media, advertising and e-commerce fields. Continuing our success in the Taiwan market, we are now expanding to Hong Kong, Japan, and the APAC & LATAM market.

As a Senior Product Manager at Dcard, you will collaborate closely with brilliant designers, product managers and developers to build products that matter. If you are ready to take the leap, join us in creating an experience that connects people all around the world!

About our Product team

You will cooperate with Engineer and Designer to verify ideas and develop products in different markets. As a member of the Dcard’s Product Team, you will face lots of interesting challenges and will interact with many various roles, stakeholders, and analyze the requirements of users to create products with millions of users.

What you'll do

  • Think in the user’s view and business perspective, verify product assumptions of market requirements/opportunities, and turn them into an executable plan.
    • Find out the direction of product strategy and roadmap by the research of users and data analysis.
    • Conduct data collection and case study based on the initial idea and design a suitable implementation method for Dcard.
    • Set product specification and development process, disassemble the development stage and make a clear execution plan and testing items for every stage.
    • Plan the A/B/n testing, and set a suitable evaluation indicator to review the efficiency.
    • Formulate the strategy for releasing the new function, and keep tracking the data for efficiency after release.
  • Understand and cooperate with all the roles of the team, knowing different thoughts of the roles to make the whole execution process smooth.
    • Cooperate with the UX/Market Researcher and Data Analyst, stipulating the product observing indicator, and discussing the method of A/B/n testing.
    • Discuss with Engineers the feasibility/difficulty in different parts of the implementation.
    • Cooperate with the Designer and consider the appropriate usage processes and information presentation to bring out the best design project


What We’re Looking For

  • 2+ years of experience in product management, and be familiar with various methods and tools for product management, verification, and building MVPs.
  • Develop the product roadmap from both the user’s point of view and business perspective.
  • Believe in Human-Centered Design. Not only care about what we do but also care more about the reasons for what we do.
  • Strong business acumen and proficient analytical skills.
  • Can disassemble the problem that you observe and infer the sources behind the problem with logic.
  • Excellent communication skills and know-how to coordinate and work with different roles in Dcard.




Bonus Points If You Have

  • Experienced in large scale global product management in different markets.
  • Familiar with startups culture and experienced in social networks products.
  • Experienced in leading a team to launch an important product in fast-paced environment.


  • NTD 900,000 ~ 1,600,000/ year

Our Recruiting Process

All processes are expected to be completed within 2-4 weeks, our hiring process is subject to adjustment based on individual circumstances:

  1. 1st Interview - You’ll have a 30-minute session with one of the Talent Operations Partners (HR), where we would want to get to know more about your experience and background, what you’re passionate about..etc. You’ll also have an interview with the Product team members for more discussion related to your projects and understanding of different products.
  2. 2nd Interview - You’ll have interviews with our Product Director and Lead, Talent Operations Manager (HR Manager), and our CEO, which will last for 120 minutes, where we will get to know more about your experience and discuss your expectation in our team.


  • 工作環境:舒適的工作環境與配備,寬敞的辦公室,甚至還有床協助夥伴補充體力。
  • 點心吧:美式雙門大冰箱,無限量零食飲料,膠囊咖啡機,堅持午後紅茶等級的飲食標準。
  • 學習基金 :講座、研討會與購書補助,時時刻刻和 Dcard 一起學習成長。
  • 員工活動 :節慶派對、午餐日、水果日、尾牙、運動團課、員工旅遊,我們重視每個相聚的時光。
  • 年假與勞健保:優於勞基法的年假、勞健保制度外還有豪華健康保險,體貼每一個重要的需求。

► 我們相信,你也會愛上 Dcard 的 5 個理由
1. 很酷的團隊
Dcard 的成員中,有 Github 上 破兩萬 stars 的大大,還有各種體重調節師、貓咪馴獸師與啦啦隊長!我們年輕但有熱情,希望打造一個好玩有趣,充滿實驗精神的工作環境。
2. 重視每個人的自我成長
Dcard 的每個角落,永遠有好玩新奇的事物正在發生。我們鼓勵每個人發起自己喜愛的專案,並且從中培養專長、持續學習。我們也提供技術社群活動,研討會門票與購書補助,讓學習的路上得到最大支援。
3. 打造激動人心的產品
在 Dcard,你的設計與開發,會被百萬人喜愛與使用。我們打造的不只是一款 app,而是影響未來世代交流,思考甚至累積知識的社群平台。
4. 分享與討論的文化
我們相信,一個偉大的專案與產品功能背後,需要各種意見和想法。透過團隊成員的討論與修正,互相激盪火花,你能了解設計師的堅持、行銷團隊的策略、程式前後端的搭配藝術,進而創造更多令人驚艷的 Dcard experience !
5. 透明平行的決策模式


NT$ 900,000 - 1,600,000 (年薪)