People Business Partner - Japan

Dcard 團隊照


We are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together.

Dcard is a social media platform devoted to creating a safe and free environment for ever-flowing ideas and extraordinary stories. Garnering the trust of the younger generation, our service attracts millions of active users and up to 20 million unique visitors per month. We have substantial influence and high penetration amongst the youth of Taiwan, but our ambitions do not stop here.

As a strong and emerging international company, we are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together. We continue to make impactful influence in the social media, advertising and e-commerce fields. Continuing our success in the Taiwan market, we are now expanding to Hong Kong, Japan, and the SEA market.

In order to create greater goals and value, we require a People Business Partner - Japan to join us. Together, we will recruit a formidable team, understand various team needs, aid in the growth of the entire team, establish and continuously optimize company systems and processes. This will help that every individual at Dcard has an Extraordinary Dcard Experience!

What you'll do

  • Build a robust team and quickly identify the most suitable talent within the shortest timeframe.
  • Continuously identify operational processes that best suit the current needs of the Dcard team, facilitating more efficient and smoother workflow for the team.
  • Explore the genuine needs of the team, aiding in the growth of the entire team and individual partners.
  • Immerse Dcard team's Core Values into all aspects of team.
  • Proactively explore various tasks that contribute to a smoother team workflow, creating tangible impact.
  • Organize team building and engagement activities that foster Japan team members relationships, such as year-end gatherings.
  • Manage onboarding, offboarding processes, employee data management and oversee payroll processes.
  • Provide support for general office administrative processes.


What We're Looking For

  • Possess 3 or more years of experience in human resources-related roles.
  • Proficient in business-level Japanese and English.
  • Stay updated on talent trends in the market and developments in the online startup landscape.
  • Share a mutual emphasis on corporate culture and believe that people are the most crucial part of a company.
  • Maintain a proactive mindset, adapt quickly to various changes, and bravely confront unknown challenges.
  • Not only care about what we do, but also deeply consider why we do.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving abilities, capable of breaking down observed issues, understanding the underlying causes, and addressing root problems.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, adept at coordinating and collaborating with various roles within the company.

Work Location

  • Tokyo Office





Bonus Points If You Have

  • Proficient in business-level Chinese.
  • Possess experience in human resources within a startup environment.
  • Have work experience in fields outside of human resources.





享有優於法律的年假、不扣薪病假、生日假和特殊假期(Dcard 日等),休息是為了走更長遠的路。


彈性的 Remote Work,夥伴可以自主安排工作的時間與地點,更多的彈性,創造不同的可能性!



水果日 、手搖杯日、個人按摩、各類運動課程、專屬的 Dcard Buddy Program 等,和夥伴一起享受 Dcard 生活!

我們從夥伴們的需求出發培育夥伴,提供無上限學習資源(書籍、講座、課程補助),夥伴可以直接提出需求,並在 24 小時內即可取得。

不定期和企業顧問合作、舉辦講師內訓,提供國內外 Conference 補助,如 WWDC、Google I/O ⋯,且邀請業界高手來到 Dcard 分享,不定期拜訪其他公司互相交流。我們鼓勵各部門舉辦讀書會、每月舉辦一次 Developer Session,不定期舉辦不同主題的工作坊等。