Community Coordinator / Associate Community Coordinator


• Work actively together with the Community Team on contributing to the company’s growth and play a strong role in supporting the Community Management team by showing strong initiative and an ability of independent thinking.
• You will represent and maintain Deepblu’s presence in the community on a daily basis by responding to users and representing Deepblu. You will be addressing issues immediately related to features or functions within the platform.
• You will develop and implement community promotions and programs, as well engagement strategies and tactics as they relate to Deepblu’s strategic goals. You will monitor the success of each activity and implement tracking reports.
• Develop a social perceptiveness by monitoring discussions, postings, and trends within the community. Identify and report trends in usage and advises on potential opportunities and make improvements or take corrective actions.
• Measure the success of community user engagement and activity by providing reports for the Community Management team.


• BA degree in Marketing, Communications, Business Administration or a related field
• Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts, strategies and practices
• 3-5 years (associate) or 5-7 years work experience in Digital Marketing and Communications
• Experience with Social Media and Community coordination
• Knowledge in moderating Social Media sites or hosting online platforms and websites
• Talent in analyzing measurable metrics that may indicate the success of promotional online activates and marketing campaigns, as well designing promotional activities to increase user engagement
• Ability of critical thinking by using logic and reasoning thinking to identify strengths and weaknesses, conclusions or approaches to problems
• A strong judgmental capability- Considering benefits of potential actions in order to choose the most appropriate one
• An affinity for working in a fast-paced digital environment by being able to multitask and staying organized
• A passion for diving and the diving lifestyle. Ideally certification in scuba diving and a frequent diver
• Bilingual proficiency in both English and Mandarin is a strong plus



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