Front End Developer 前端工程師


利用大數據的無限可能和對智慧科技的持續需求,Gogoro 正在建立一個更聰明、更能適應今日瞬息萬變城市的系統。藉由將能源的主導權交給每個人,相信自己可以拯救地球,歡迎一起加入...

名稱: Gogoro


Gogoro is helping to create a more intelligent and adaptive system for today’s most dynamic cities through electric energy, working toward a better future by putting power in the hands of consumers around the world.

As Gogoro Front End Engineer, you will be responsible for planning and maintaining Gogoro own digital channels, including corporate site, online store, user portal and blog. You will manage internal and external design and programming resources to ensure the websites are updated timely and performed above the market standards. You will be part of Gogoro digital marketing team, reporting to marketing technologists / CRM manager and work closely with marketers to support sales / marketing activities.

● Build, maintain and update website content in accordance with Gogoro GTM plan.
● Manage websites and perform continual maintenance; this can includes content, links, database, order flows, registration and login flows.
● Conduct advanced web programming with the knowledge of HTML and CSS.
● Liaison with internal / external design agencies to manage their resources and deliverables.
● Maintain strong relationship with MIS team to monitor the website traffic, loading time and other performance metrics.
● Work with SEM / SEO manager and other marketers to set parameters within site’s architecture to ensure the ads are properly tracked.
● Stay up to date on the web’s latest technologies and make sure the site and its products are always mobile-friendly and multi-platform ready.


*All applicants require to offer English profile
● 3+ years front-end programming experience.
● With strong knowledge in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and advanced knowledge in React. JS, and other development language.
● Superb attention to detail, personal organization and project management abilities.
● Superior written and verbal communication skills.
● Business English fluency
● Preferred qualification: Software development and startup background experience a plus.






地區:臺灣 台北


NT$ 840,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)


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