Software Program Manager 軟體專案管理經理


利用大數據的無限可能和對智慧科技的持續需求,Gogoro 正在建立一個更聰明、更能適應今日瞬息萬變城市的系統。藉由將能源的主導權交給每個人,相信自己可以拯救地球,歡迎一起加入...

名稱: Gogoro


地址: 台北市長安東路二段225號


At Gogoro, we value talents who think outside of the box and enjoy solving challenges in a fast paced environment, where a diverse set of industry talent pool is what sets us apart from our competitors.

The program manager will work on various software and firmware initiatives, develop tangible plans, and execute them to achieve our product and business objectives. He/she will be involved in but not limited to the following activities:
● Software and firmware development for enhancing current generation of product on the market as well as new product introduction.
● Software for product related support tools to service customer and internal teams.
● Software and firmware for Gogoro ecosystem integration.

Gogoro not only is a leader in electric Smartscooters, but also grows its Energy Network as we expand to new cities with our GoStation and GoCharger. In such an integrated ecosystem, prior experience in automobile and scooter industry specifically in the area of vehicle embedded system and ISO 26262 would be an asset. We welcome creative and experienced software and firmware program managers to join the team!

Job Description:

Software program management team is an integral part of Gogoro’s cross-functional planning and execution. We work hand-in-hand with our product management team at the early phase of roadmap planning, where features are defined with Marketing Requirement and Product Requirement Document. We then work with Software, Firmware, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Marketing teams during program execution phase to formulate plans to meet Gogoro’s objectives, with inputs from our Business Development and Operations teams.

The candidate is expected to have prior experience in leading complex software and firmware program initiatives, with at least 2 years of industry experience in automobile embedded system projects. Each candidate will be in charge of a number of projects both standalone and integrated on the program perspective. Last but not least, since Gogoro blends talents across scooter, battery, energy, and data analytics, you’ll find yourself thrilled by the exciting opportunities here.


● Overall experience: 5 years experience minimum, 5~10 years experience preferred
 。3 years of system integration experience - software and hardware (automobile embedded products preferred)
 。3~5 years in leading software development activities as a project manager with developers and wide range of cross functional teams
● Has an agile and flexible mindset and an individual who is thrilled by working in a fast pace innovative technology startup
● 2 years of experience working in startup or delivering software initiatives in a creative environment
● Working level English and Mandarin
● Solid experience in executing software life cycle management - from concept to prototype to development to validation to production (packaging, deployment)
● Experienced in both Agile and Waterfall software lifecycle management
● Experienced as a technology planner who can understand the big picture while plotting out detail deliverables and hold the teams accountable to deliver as planned
● Establish solid working relationship with firmware, software developers, hardware engineers, and product managers to take ad-hoc request and develop a plan to integrate to Gogoro’s product delivery pipelines
● Understand the value of software in the overall ecosystem




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