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At Incubit, we transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.



Leveraging the deep learning and machine learning technology, we collaborate hand-in-hand with players in various industries as a partner to co-create next-generation products and services.

Incubit is a diverse global team composed of members from various countries. As a team that accepts differences in values and styles, we aim to create an organization that allows individuals to pursue their own style and establishes a system that allows "work" to be a joy rather than a constraint in life.

公司成員 ( 1 / 4 )

Naoki Kitamura

Chris Kuo

Paul Neculoiu

Gadii Jian

Naoki Kitamura Founder & CEO

- Dropped out from high school and self-studied programming - Started own business after graduated from CS & BM

Chris Kuo Branch Manager

- Previous researcher + BD from game company - Focused on software product management

Paul Neculoiu Lead AI Engineer

- Previous AI researcher in ESA - Focus on computer vision, NLP

Gadii Jian Lead Web Engineer

- Previous Engineer from EC company - Focused on building web services


We always stand by our clients as partners as we share their passions, troubles, and joys. With that in mind, at Incubit we transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.





★ Flexible work hours and possibilities for remote work
★ A better annual leaves policy than labor laws
★ Monthly reimbursement to continue learning through events or purchasing study materials
★ Team-building between Japan & Taiwan team