Data Modeler / Architect 資料架構師



We are seeking an experienced candidate who will be responsible for building and refining data models in a complex distributed environment. Responsible for performing the Data analysis, Data modeling and DDLs creation.

* Understand the differences between a conceptual, logical and physical model.
* Create a logical model from a set of business or functional requirements.
* Create a physical model from a logical one.
* Determines database structural requirements by analyzing client objectives.
* Can write complex SQL statements and do performance tuning.
* Should be able to take the results of the requirements gathering session and produce a logical/physical model whenever required.
* Design, review and maintains data models.


* 4 years of data modeling experience whereby performing data modeling as the priority job.
* Deeper knowledge of database structures and algorithms.
* Experience using any of the Data Modeling tools.
* Deep knowledge in RDBMS concepts, SQL and performance tuning of complex queries.
* Expert with PostgreSQL database.
* Work experience in Big Data technology a plus.
* Excellent operational English, spoken and written.
* Ability to understand business priorities and advise on fastest road to production.
* Ability to work autonomously, set up deadlines and respect them.



* 基本的勞健保(包含勞退)
* 年年優於勞基法的特休,入職第一年即按比例享有 10 天年假
* 配備 MacBook 筆電、 27 吋螢幕,還有舒服的人體工學椅
* 生日禮金、開工紅包、還有教育訓練補助基金
* 每年各3 天的全薪病假和家庭照顧假
* 彈性的上下班時間
* 無限量供應咖啡與茶水
* 年度身體健康檢查
* 每月一次Team Building活動
* 儲蓄獎金
* 可視情況申請 Remote 工作