Director of Business Development



The Director of Business Development will set guidelines and lead Infocast vision by identifying, assessing, and developing new business opportunities for Infocast to remain competitive. The ideal candidate is expected to actively cooperate with the executive team on strategic marketing and operations planning. The position is required to be familiar with Infocast's existing services & products to develop new services and products upon research. The candidate must be keenly aware of Infocast's growth initiatives concerning regional markets and target customer segments to meet customer needs. Experience in drafting and reviewing sales contracts is preferred.


• Developing business growth strategies and plans
• Developing proposals in response to requests for proposals (RFPs)
• Coordinating account startup with Strategist, CTO, Product Manager, Office Manager for transition service and product delivery.
• Creating presentations, conducting seminars, and participating in meetings with clients, external vendors or advisors.
• Negotiate effectively with clients and stakeholders for mutual benefit.
• Managing existing client relationships and retaining new clients.
• Access the strengths and weaknesses of Infocast to specify required improvements and customer needs.
• Researching business opportunities and viable(potential?) income streams.
• Stay up-to-date on industry trends both locally and internationally.
• Motivating the team and being a self-starter.


Required experience

• In-depth understanding of business products and value propositions.
• Implementation of business development strategies.
• Working toward and exceeding targets.

Required skills

• High-level communication skills
• Stakeholder management skills
• Negotiation skills
• Conflict resolution skills


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