[HQ] Regional Corporate Management Trainee



KKday's vision is to allow every traveler to embark on a journey as they like, and travel all over the world. With lockdowns around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry especially hard, however KKday try our best to face the challenge, by deeping into domestic tourism, KKday successfully won the recognition of investors, and raised $75 million in Series C.

About Program

Phase 1: Explore (12months)
- You will recieve basic and systematic training on the know-hows of the tourism industry.
- You will be rotated to all departments to get a full understanding of all business operations.
1. Business Development
2. Customer Service
3. Operations
4. Marketing
5. Rezio
- You will participate in the excecution of individual and group projects.

Phase 2: Experience (12months)
- You will be assigned to KKday's branch to receive internship training, as a Management Associate trainee.  

KKday Management Trainee Program aims to groom the next generation of entry-level leaders in our marketing and business development operations departments. As a Management Trainee, you will learn all aspects of general operations, and the skills needed to assume a management position in the future. You will participate in the rotation throughout all departments and finish with a discipline specialization.    

Career Path
- Return to your origin country to work.
- Land role as a Management Associate, after this two-year program.
- Become the key communicator between the company branch and KKday Headquarters (TW).    

During training in Taiwan, you will enjoy:
- Free shuttle bus for employees to commute from MRT Songshan Station to Company.
- Subsidy for employee lunch.
- Apple Macbook laptop (except for special job requirements).
- Aside from Statutory Leaves, an additional 3 days paid travel leave per year (granted immediately after employment/based on proportion to the number of working days in the year).



- 提供Apple Mac筆電辦公
- 年終獎金
- 暖心午餐補助
- 各式社團活動
- 特殊節日派對
- 超頻繁的美食試吃會
- 婚喪病生育補貼、節日禮金
- 上下班免費接駁車(捷運松山站 - 公司)
- 享有1元美金購買數十組海內外當地行程,親友享6折優惠


NT$ 35,000 - 48,000 (月薪)