(台北) APP 廣告變現營運經理 Business Development Manager

Kdan Mobile 凱鈿行動科技


• 負責凱鈿行動旗下 App 變現,提升廣告營收
• 與各產品線PM、UX、RD等部門合作整入或調整廣告版位及協助A/B測試
• 與數據部門合作分析用戶行為對廣告展示提出優化方案及策略
• 與MKT、廣告部門合作執行各產品線數位廣告投放,並提出成效報告及策略 



• 需有APP營運,用戶獲取、變現、分析相關工作經驗

• 邏輯清晰、對數字敏鋭

• 需有彙整資訊及溝通協調之能力

• 樂於研究廣告系統與廣告設定, 學習各平台知識

• 勇於溝通具簡報與提案能力


• 熟悉APP混合變現市場生態(含廣告代理商)

• 熟悉 Ad Manager、ADX、AdMob、FBAN、MoPub、GA、Firebase等平台操作與設定

• 有APP營運或聯播網、媒體或廣告代理商經驗

• 具有聯播網廣告 (Google/Facebook/MoPub/第三方)合作中介串接與評估經驗 



< 凱鈿福利 2.0 > 除了基本員工團保、優質健康檢查、生日禮金外,凱鈿擁有七大不可思議!

☞ 於法定特休制度外,加入凱鈿額外享有7天的 Kdan VIP 專屬假

☞ 彈性工時安排,自己的工作時段自己決定!

☞ 有源源不絕的飲料、咖啡與零食供你增加腦力,別擔心,我們也有飛輪讓你吃再多零食也不怕胖!

☞ 不定期 Teambuilding 活動,戶外踏青、電影包場、保齡球 PK,帶你追趕跑跳碰

☞ 提供進修學習方案補助,讓你不斷向上提升!

☞ 開放式工作空間,不管你想在窗邊眺望市景還是在按摩椅上思考人生,工作模式隨你切換

☞ 我們有被設計耽誤的 Bartender、被程式耽誤的歌手,還有更多有趣的人等你來認識!



✔︎ 挑戰潛能


✔︎ 國際化


✔︎ 團隊


✔︎ 成長

勇於嘗試、不怕犯錯的 Quick Learner 是凱鈿人的DNA

✔︎ 價值

我們憑著:「熱情、溝通、凝聚力」行使著 Make Innovation Happen 的使命,要在世界這個舞台站穩腳步


快加入我們成為令人驕傲的凱鈿人!Be Awesome Today!


< Kdan Benefits and Perks 2.0 > Despite the basic bonus for three festivals, high-quality health check, and group insurance, there are also seven mysteries in Kdan!

☞ Besides the annual leave established by the government, you can also enjoy a bonus 7-day Kdan VIP holiday per year.

☞ Flexible work time arrangement, you will decide your own work time!

☞ There are always unlimited snacks and drinks for you to accelerate your brain. No worries, there are also stationary bikes if you want to burn a couple calories during the day.

☞ Occasional team building events, outdoor activities, movie reservations, bowling events, we make sure to let you have fun while you’re here.

☞ Provide learning packages for you to upgrade yourself!

☞ Open and cozy workspace, anywhere in the office can be your desk.

☞ We have a bartender held up by the design team, a singer held up by the programming team, and many more interesting individuals for you to know!


However, we hope what really attracts you to join Kdan are:

✔︎ The ability to challenge your potential      

There is always a stage in Kdan for you to show your ability, creativity, and explosiveness

✔︎ International opportunities    

There are always opportunities to learn and cooperate with talents from different countries and cultural backgrounds, not even mentioning multi-language communication is part of Kdan’s daily life.

✔︎ Team culture      

In Kdan, we have senior entrepreneurs, as well as the talents from all kinds of top scholastic programs around the world. Through parallel communication, transparent frames, we learn from each other, hoping to elicit more creativity, building diversified smart services that can change over 200 million people’s mobile life.

✔︎ Growth    

A quick learner who is not afraid to try or make mistake is built in Kdaner’s DNA

✔︎ Value    

With “passion, communication, and cohesion”, we execute the mission of “Make Innovation Happen” to stabilize our step on the stage of the world


Join us now to become one of our proudest Kdan members! Be Awesome Today!