Kyalio Pte Ltd, 總部位在新加坡的新創企業,主要業務為設計虛擬實境的課程應用在醫療與教育產業,願景為醫療與教育產業引入最新的科技、並且設計適合學習目標的教學方法...

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Kyalio Pte Ltd, 總部位在新加坡的新創企業,主要業務為設計虛擬實境的課程應用在醫療與教育產業,願景為醫療與教育產業引入最新的科技、並且設計適合學習目標的教學方法,讓訓練、課程都能真正透過科技的增益強化,看到可以衡量的成效。

Kyalio Pte Ltd, a start-up venture headquartered in Singapore, focuses on designing virtual reality content for healthcare and education sectors. It envisions to bring the state-of-art technology into healthcare and education sectors with advanced pedagogy design which would fit the learning objectives.

These content aims to truly increase the measurable training effectiveness and efficiency through the value-add technology design.


Kyalio  目前正在台灣尋找同樣對於影像新科技有熱誠的工程師。參與新創事業的成就感來自於能夠 end-to-end 的創造產品,擁有相對自由的產品設計、創造空間,但同時需要具備自發性、獨立性且能夠與團隊合作的成員共同合作,才能夠從無生有、有效運用資源地實踐概念、市場化產品。

Kyalio 預計在台灣招聘兩位工程師,薪資、福利在面試後會隨個案決定,試用期後根據表現與在主要產品的熱誠,有可能根據開發的 KPI 取得員工技術股份。期待您的加入!

Kyalio is looking for developers with similar passion in media/image technology in Taiwan. The benefits of joining a start-up venture include the sense of achievement by end-to-end process of product creation, and the free space for product design. However, it also means that the team members need to be independent, self-starter and team players. The team is the most critical success factor to leverage limited resources effectively to realize product concept and bring it to the market.

Kyalio aims to hire two product developers to join our Taiwan team. The package would be up for negotiation during the interviews. After the probation, you will be offered an opportunity to receive employee shares as bonus of reaching development milestones. We look forward to hearing from you!



  • 入職及有特休 12 天
  • 彈性上下班時間
  • 薪資、福利在面試後會隨個案決定,試用期後根據表現與在主要產品的熱誠,有可能根據開發的 KPI 取得員工技術股份。期待您的加入!

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