(Junior/ Senior) Data Scientist/ Algorithm Engineer



Job Description
Your primary focus will be implementing machine learning algorithms with our products.

1. Crawling, processing, cleansing data for advanced analysis
2. Extracting and mining data insights from various sources
3. Performing feature engineering to create features for machine learning models
4. Building, optimizing and deploying models to the production


1. Familiarity with one of data analysis toolkits such as Python (SciPy ecosystem) or R. Excellence in at least one of these is highly desirable.
2. Strong hands-on experience on one of mainstream programming languages (C family, Java, Python, etc.) and databases (relational or NoSQL databases).
3. Understanding of advanced models like time series models or deep learning models is a plus.
4. Experience in Natural Language Processing or Information Retrieval is a plus.
5. Master Degree in Computer Science/ Statistics/ Finance.

[For Senior position]
Deep knowledge and 3+ year experience in machine learning and statistics

[For Junior Position]
Computer Science or Statistics background would be a plus.


1. 開放自由的工作環境與氣氛,扁平式組職管理
2. 優於勞基法的人性化出勤管理
3. 具競爭力的薪資水準


NT$ 50,000 - 120,000 (月薪)