Customer Success Manager (intern program, trainee) 實習


愛卡拉是一間以 AI 為核心的行銷科技公司,我們致力於發展行銷技術產品,我們正在積極尋找技術研發以及內容團隊的頂尖人才。

名稱: 愛卡拉


地址: 台北市信義區東興路41號10樓





How is it like working at Straas.io?
We learn quick and we grow fast. We pride ourselves on agility, innovative and dedication. At Straas, we provide equal employment opportunity to every talent. We work collaboratively with open communication to offer the best experience to our users.
We are looking for team members who are not seeking for a 9-to-5 job, but embrace challenges with passion.
As a young and dynamic tech startup, Straas is the place for you to develop your career and experience the exciting growth journey!
Real Customer Success comes from the heart. You’re passionate about engaging your customers and expanding their use cases. You have impeccable relational skills and can create win/win environments for all parties that you work with. If this is you, there are a lot of people who are adopting our product and we would love your help in taking care of our customers!

You will work in Taipei with our customer success manager, and you will learn video cloud / live-streaming SaaS , customer management and business consultancy skills around.

After 6 - 12 months, if you are an outstanding trainee, you will be promoted a regional customer success manager in region, either in your hometown or other south Asia countries.


Own overall relationship with assigned clients, which include:
* Facilitate and accelerate clients onboarding process.
* Increase adoption, ensuring retention, and satisfaction.
* Establish a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with each assigned client and drive continued value of our products and services.
* Work with clients to establish critical goals, or other key performance indicators and aid the customer in achieving their goals.
* Work to identify and/or develop upsell opportunities.



* Impeccable written and verbal communication skills. (Mandarin or English)
* Detail oriented and analytical.
* You know well about Saas business model and are familiar with live-streaming platform(s).
* Strong team player but still a self-starter.
* You are a self learner, know how to find the answers.

* Marketing or Commerce specialization
* Proficient in google business services gmail, google calendar, google doc, spreadsheet, google slides.
* Comfortable with conference call, instant messaging and other collaboration software, e.g slack, redmine.
* A programmer background is a plus.
* Cover letter is mandatory, and please illustrate your opinion of live-streaming SaaS market and how you can help us to expand market.


■ 可彈性申請在家工作
■ 咖啡無限暢飲
■ 釀酒機 (偶爾可以小酌一杯)
■ 冰箱 (優格、布丁、愛玉、水果......想吃什麼可提議唷!)
■ 餅乾零食
■ 下午茶聚會
■ 部門聚餐 (一起大吃大喝吧!)
■ 慶生會
■ 按摩券 (工作辛苦囉!按摩師傅到公司幫你按摩!)
■ 電影欣賞
■ 員工旅遊 ( 今年去曼谷、沖繩唷!! )
■ 員工健康檢查
■ 員工教育訓練補助

■ 休假給予最大彈性
■ 依勞基法給予特休
■ 女性同仁生理假 (1 天/月)
■ 全薪病假 (3 天/年)
■ 志工服務假 (2 天/年)
■ 陪產假
■ 婚假

■ 開放式的辦公環境,辦公室可穿著室內拖鞋,營造家庭式的舒適環境
■ 衛生的環境設施,專人全天候維護茶水間及洗手間的清潔衛生
■ 舒服安靜的休憩空間
■ 安全的門禁管理,保障員工安全

■ 年輕熱血的新創團隊
■ 活潑歡樂的工作氣氛
■ 扁平的組織,彼此可以輕鬆談話
■ 我們互相尊重、講求效率與信任
■ 意見不用怕被忽視
■ 我們不只是同事,是一起努力的夥伴朋友
■ 我們一起努力工作,一起快樂玩耍


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