Country Sales Manager 台灣區業務經理



名稱: Lalamove 啦啦快送


地址: 105台北市松山區南京東路五段38...




Job Responsibilities/工作內容
- 客戶關係維護:定期拜訪Lalamove現有企業用戶,以維持穩定合作關係
- 業務開發:發展更多元化的目標客群
- 創造需求:以現有的Lalamove服務範疇為基礎,開發更多的潛在使用者需求
- 訂定專案計畫:制定專案方向,帶領團隊規劃與整合業務相關活動
- 領導與訓練業務團隊:傳達公司核心價值,提昇團隊素質,提高整體營收
- 協助設置Lalamove CRM系統

Main Responsibilities:
Sales operations: acquire and onboard business users by maintaining a healthy pipeline of leads (by whatever channel it takes), and by developing and taking care of professional relationships.
Business development: develop new business opportunities and partnerships with customers.
Sales standards: identify, build and enforce Standard Operating Procedures and Policies to support the activity and solve or prevent issues.
Talent acquisition and management: build a team that strives to win and constantly track the performance of your team to close deals and retain business users, and build corrective/improving initiatives.


- 簡報與商業書信技巧與良好的英語溝通能力
- 跨部門溝通能力與領導能力
- 同時能獨立作業與團隊合作,組織化溝通細心
- 對數字敏感,需具備數據分析能力
- 具備電商產業、新創經驗或網路內容產業經驗、帶領團隊經驗

What we seek:
Strong network on which to rely for expanding the business.
Can-do attitude and grit to make things happen, to identify and leverage new opportunities.
Leadership skills ability to motivate your team, work with them to set and meet sales goals.
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills to communicate accurately to potential users.
Strong negotiations skills to get the best deal out of every partnership.

What you'll need:
Degree holder with at least 3 years relevant sales managerial working experience, preferably in a logistics or on-demand delivery or ride-sharing environment.
Excellent problem solving, presentation and negotiation skills.Knowledge and understanding of mobile and web technologies.
Fluent in English.


Our value to our employees is that we provide opportunity to GROW, a STAGE to shine, and a promising FUTURE. We believe Internet and logistics will be tomorrow's Lalamove!
1. 職涯發展:透明且公平的升遷制度,為Lalamove員工制定明確的目標;轉調Lalamove總部機會。
2. 工作環境:與Lalamove一起快速成長,團隊年輕開放,並且願意給予足夠的空間讓你盡情發揮!
3. 彈性上班時間:09:30~10:00
4. 休假規定:優於勞基法之休假規則
5. Happy Hour:每週美食固定外送至Lalamove辦公室、不定期員工聚餐、旅遊
6. Transportation Credits:每月Lalamove禮金可供員工自由使用
7. SEA Townhall:我們重視每個員工的想法,鼓勵每一位員工參加定期的Lalamove國際會議,同時也可以踴躍發表自己的意見!


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