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At Lingumi, we believe diversity and inclusion cannot be retrofitted to reap it's full rewards, but stems from it's history!

Our founders come from different walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds and it forms part of our DNA. We have ensured we have hired people from different races, colours, religions, sex, gender identity, age, marital status and disability status.

We want to make sure we continue hiring for diversity and inclusion so please apply to Lingumi no matter who you are or where you come from!

Our People

  • Mission-driven
  • Hard-working
  • Intellectually Curious
  • Humble
  • Authentic

Our Traction

Over the last 9 months we've grown over 600%, generating millions in revenue and have taught over 5 million lessons to over 150,000 young learners. This is just the beginning! Our first course focused on spoken English is 95% cheaper and 630% faster at teaching spoken English compared to an equivalent classroom experience. 

This year, we're turning from a single learning course application to a multi-course platform, where the world's best teachers can teach critical skills to pre-school children all around the world, irrespective of their background or level of wealth. Lingumi will be the company to reduce the gap between high cost of education and great education.

Our Investors

We're backed by some of the world's best investors and preemptively raised our Series A earlier this year. Our advisory board consists of Dr Min Wanli (ex Chief Data Scientist at Alibaba) and Michael O'Sullivan (ex CEO of Cambridge Assessments)


Lingumi is on a mission to provide the world's best teaching experience to pre-school children around the world through technology.


"Upon returning to Oxford, I began researching whether a parent, who can’t speak English, could teach their child a foundational level in English before they reach six years old if they had the right tools" (Toby, CEO at Lingumi)

Late 2015

Birth of Lingumi and introduction to co-founder Adit through Entrepreneur First. You can find out more about their story here. We were able to get children speaking English from very early on through our app which was called "Lingumi Play Words"; the results were incredible.


We raised our pre-seed investment round from LocalGlobe, Europe's top Seed VC Fund, based on paper prototypes and a big dream! We built out a production prototype fast, selling our first sets of products (the 'Learning Cubes', now discontinued) to our first 500 German customers. We saw great efficacy of learning outcomes, but no sense of Product-Market Fit at this stage, and no clear strategy to get there....yet.


We continued ramping up sales of our cubes while playing around with various business models. We opened our first successful market in Taiwan, but was spending too much money marketing the product globally that wasn't yet at 'product-market fit'. We tried to launch in too many markets and this was a mistake. We should have spent longer establishing product-market fit with a key focus on Taiwan before spending marketing money globally!


We decided to discontinue the sales of our cubes: they were wonderful for customers who had them, but very hard to explain to customers who didn't...a lesson learned in simplicity in marketing! We converted the app into a digital-only, subscription first learning experience, and our retentive, adoring early cohorts of users helped us raise our Seed round, led by ADV in the UK. That £1.2m was designed to power us through 'finding product market fit' and get us to our Series A, growth round. We spent the second half of the year focusing on the core product experience, and Toby moved to China to set up a local company on the ground, and hire our China Market Manager, so we could begin to prepare to launch in the world's biggest market for EFL...


We launched Lingumi in China, doubling down on our growing user-base in East Asian markets. We focused hard on the core teaching & learning experience on the app and started growing fast. We opened offices in Shenzhen and Singapore and raised an investment round of £4mn from North Summit Capital, Local Globe, and ADV.


We are growing faster than ever before and moving from a single course application to a multi-course platform. This will enable the world's best teachers to teach critical skills to children all around the world, asynchronously. We are growing our team, focusing on finding individuals who care deeply about our mission and will add to our Lingumi DNA


The benefits of working for Lingumi

  • Generous salary and equity packages
  • Company laptop (if you need one)
  • 20 days of paid holiday, plus the week of Chinese New Year (for CN/SG team members) or the Christmas to New Year break, as paid leave
  • Coaching on request depending on your needs - whether you need someone to talk to on a regular basis outside of work, or specifically on developing your leadership skills. We have an extensive network and will put you in touch with the right coach for your needs
  • We ask you to be in your Hub for the majority of the working week. You can spend some of the week working from the comfort of your home, or even in your favourite coffee shops. If you do decide to work outside of your hub, be sure to book this on internal system. Outside of core meetings, you can organise your time how you want - some team members use less productive afternoon hours for personal wellness things like going to the gym or getting a haircut
  • We offer a Productivity and Wellness budget (£100pm) to use on growth and wellness
  • We take the team on an annual retreat for 1 week (usually somewhere warm)