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Linker Networks

The most effective partner to accelerate the development of AI from data labeling to co...



Linker Networks Inc. is a Boston-based global startup, and with offices throughout Beijing and Taipei.


[最新] 2020/7/28 CEO 擔任"數位國力-人才循環大聯盟"與談貴賓分享AI人才培養與國際連結 (1:46:10-1:58:00)

2019/12 臺南市政府AI發展計畫啟動記者會

2019/09 Microsoft for Startups: Autonomous Driving

2019/06 Auto-labeling accelerates machine learning

2019/03 財訊雜誌報導

2019/02 發表自動駕駛 Auto-labeling 服務@Microsoft Azure


交通: 曼哈頓大樓 (捷運忠孝新生三號or忠孝復興二號出口步行5-7分鐘或正義郵局公車站)


By uniting talents from IT Professionals, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, and Business Professionals, Linker Networks ignites the path to the future in the AI and 5G realm. Through exploring global business opportunities and establishing step-by-step product service road map, we value talents and provide talents with great opportunities to grow and shine along with the whole company.


Paul Shieh

  • Founder & CEO of Linker Networks, founded in 2011
  • Successful experience: funding member of Starent Network (Acquired by Cisco for US$ 2.9B)


Linker Business

  • Develop Converged ICT and Deep Learning Technology in uses of AIoT and 5G+AI
  • Focus Technology and Business Digital Transformation
  • End to End AI solution offering, including data labeling platform, AI models, and intelligent Edge AI featuring real-time inference.
  • Accelerate the development of AI from data labeling to connected Intelligence AI
  • Enable AI managed Service for enterprise business and mobile carrier





  • Official employees are eligible for 10-day annual leaves within the first year.
  • Yearly health examination subsidy for all employees.
  • Birthday present. Food & Beverage. Year-end dinner.


  • 到職即享第一年的10天年假
  • 共同上班時間: 10:30~17:30 健康檢查。
  • 零食飲料。生日禮品。尾牙聚餐。不定期員工教育訓練/向心力活動

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