Project Manager (base in Japan)

MoBagel 行動貝果


1. Provide Data Analysis pre-sales support by working with other teams to scope and cost a project solution which includes the completion of a proposal.
2. Defines Data analysis project scope, create project plans and maintain project objectives.
3. Capable of coordination and communication with Inter-departmatal.
4. Leverages organizational resources to help achieve project success.
5. Champion ongoing process improvement initiatives to implement best practices.
6. Able to manage customer satisfaction, commitment and high expectations.
7. Proven ability to lead data analysis projects and ensure objectives, goals, and commitments are met.


1. Fluent in Japanese and working in Japan.
2. Excellent technical leadership skills with experience leading cross-functional teams.
3. Excellent communication skills in English.
4. Highly motivated and able to prioritize and execute tasks effectively within aggressive timeframes.
5. 3+ years’ related experience and have participated in data analysis project.
6. Managed a single case with more than 10 million funds is plus.
7. Able to review and don’t give up easily when the performance is not as expective.



1. 上下班時間彈性
2. 不影響工作進度下,自由排休不扣薪
3. Team Building 凝聚共識與感情
4. 每個月不定時舉辦員工聚餐或活動
5. 員工慶生活動
6. 辦公室備有免費飲料與零食
7. 早晚餐供應、TGIF 免費午餐
8. 業績/分紅獎金
9. 鼓勵並補助健康檢查
10. 員工配股/優惠認購股份

1. 在職進修補助
2. 員工教育訓練
3. 海外駐點輪調 (美國矽谷、日本東京、中國上海和北京)


NT$ 80,000 - 150,000 (月薪)