RetSKU is a business intelligence platform focused on consumer product companies that s...



RetSKU is a business intelligence platform focused on consumer product companies that sell through traditional “brick & mortar” retailers. We collect data on the four pillars of retail: distribution, pricing, shelving and merchandising and provide actionable market insights to these companies.

In addition, RetSKU is a vertically integrated business intelligence and analytics platform that integrates this competitive intelligence data with brand’s point of sale (POS) data, market share, promotional effectiveness etc. and analyzes / provide insights to develop strategy, react to competition, improve brand performance, understand and analyze consumer feedback, improve promotional effectiveness and drive new product launches.

RetSKU comes pre-configured with retail specific dashboards/reports and let's CPG companies answer questions such as health of business, why sales were up/down last week, competitive landscape, effect of promotions etc by aggregating, searching, connecting and analyzing large amounts of data from a variety of sources, including in-store competitive information provided by RetSkU.

We are being seed funded by brands/retailers. Also, Check us out on We’ve been accepted into a leading accelerator program in New York city and have stable revenue.

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Harman Kochar

Chien Kuo

Harman Kochar CEO

Harman is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded multiple startups; RetSKU is his third startup. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and started his career as a developer. During his career, Harman has held positions ranging from Head of Product to COO. Harman was also a strategy consultant at BCG where he first encountered the problem that we seek to solve. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Chien Kuo CTO

Chien is an technology-enthusiast who has built and led engineering teams at two startups. Prior to RetSKU, Chien was Lead Developer at Gust where he led a team of nine developers. He has over 7 years of experience in various roles in the technology industry, from Agile Developer to Engineering Lead.


We provide competitive intelligence / landscape data and actionable insights for brand manufacturers by collecting, integrating, analyzing and interpreting data.

Our differentiator is a workflow / rules engine and predictive analysis platform that provides brands with reports on fluctuations in business drivers (such as sales up/down) and most important reasons for such change (e.g., competitor introduced new product at Target, Walmart and ran a 15% off promotion)

We augments typical information sources, such as POS, market share and promotions with in-store competitive information which explains who has shelf space, what are the retails, what price changes have taken place, what in-store promotions are going on, etc.





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