To help e-commerce merchants have enterprise-level AI backup on day 1.


公司介紹 是一間多元、年輕且有遠景的軟體新創公司,於 2016 年創立便投入時尚電商領域,以美學 AI 為客戶打造一流的推薦系統,並與客戶一起成長,紮實的技術底蘊獲得海外創投青睞,正快速發展當中!
在 我們設計與開發一流的軟體服務,運用最新的 AI 與機器學習技術,協助客戶深入了解消費者的喜好與需求,將對的商品展示給對的人,打造獨一無二的購物體驗。
我們相信公司成長是建立在每個人的成長上,與一流的人才一起工作、一起玩樂、一起成長,現在就加入我們! is a SaaS company serving the ecommerce brands since 2016.

  • 2019 RecSys Reward
  • 2020 Forbes Top 25 Machine Learning Startups

Our clients care deeply about their shoppers and understand the value of unique online experiences.
We specialize in supporting fashion ecommerce clients in the apparel, accessories, and cosmetics verticals.
Our Customer-Intent Web App adds value to our client’s first-party data via automated preference analysis and onsite personalized recommendations.
The app is powered by AI and machine learning technology developed in house by industry leading engineers and fashion savvy marketers.
We are a young, fun, and diversified team that believes that company growth is driven by everyone’s growth. Together, from good to great — join us today!

公司理念 helps fashion merchants understand what consumers want so they can make authentic personal connections that drive sales and long-term growth. 為時尚電商的 AI 美學顧問。


We provide Aesthetic AI to empower fashion e-commerce with personalized preference analysis and recommendations to create the best shopping experiences for their consumers.

  • Consumer preference analysis
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Personalized messaging

我們為時尚電商提供美學 AI 科技,客戶可以直接使用我們的 SaaS 服務,為每個進站的消費者量身定做,給予最精準的商品推薦與個人化的互動,為消費者打造獨一無二的購物體驗。

  • 消費者偏好分析
  • 客製化商品推薦
  • 客製化互動系統


  • No Meeting Wednesday for deep focus work at home.
  • 10 days of health leave to support your mental and physical health.
  • 10 days of annual leave after probation, accumulating by years.
  • 1 day of birthday leave on the month to celebrate and relax.
  • Vaccination leave for your deep rest.
  • Wishing pool for your favorite snacks and drinks.
  • Training program including workshops and keynote sharing. Books and courses are subsidized.
  • Regular team-building events and outings, birthday parties, offsite meetings and traveling.


  • 每週三 No-meeting day:在家或咖啡廳,用你最舒服的方式深度工作
  • 10 天健康假:安排回診復建,維護你的心理健康與身體健康
  • 10 天特休假:優於勞基法,依年資遞增(未滿一年依比例計算)
  • 每年生日假:壽星享有當月份一日生日假,安排自己專屬的放鬆時間
  • 疫苗休息假:打完疫苗就是要好好休息呀~
  • 零食許願池:買你想吃,買你想喝,一起用零食環遊世界
  • 教育訓練計畫:定期舉辦工作坊、學習分享會,補助購買專業書籍及課程
  • 定期團隊活動:除了每月慶生會,和夥伴們一起露營、密室脫逃等各式活動

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