Sr. Software Engineer - SRE

ShopBack Team Building


- Design, develop, implement, and maintain new and existing web-based applications
- Coordinate with engineering to define and prioritize engineering projects.
- Able to work in a dynamic and diverse engineering culture - every day, we learn from each other, brainstorm and execute ideas, and play ping pong to unwind...
- Build a great product that impacts consumer online behavior - we're proud that our product is changing the way people shop online
- Interest in exploring and learning the latest technologies in the industry.
- As part of the engineering team, you will advise the organization as to which technology stacks/cloud/data solutions to use in Taiwan
- Ensure that systems are always available, fast and highly scalable to accommodate unprecedented demand.
- Help develop the best possible continuous delivery pipelines supporting features like automatically promotion to production, automated canary releasing or blue-green deployments


- 5+ years of relevant work experience
- Hands-on experience working with NodeJS (Most Preferred)
- Experience working with cloud services like AWS, Heroku or Google cloud platform
- Experience with different databases. Relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...) or NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra)
- Extensive REST API development experience
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills, a team player with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging, and - troubleshooting skills.
- Experience in configuration management and orchestration (experience with Chef/Ansible/Puppet is an added bonus)
- Demonstrated the ability to look forward and anticipate problems and needs
- Worked with CI/CD tooling, Jenkins/Travis
- Experience in distributed system design/operation.
- Hands-on experience in ELT data pipelines and big data computing framework (Spark)


.每人每年Individual Development Plan 補助