Tresl, Inc.


Building the headless analytics infrastructure for ecommerce



Tresl is a technology company founded in the San Francisco bay area by two Linkedin data scientists. We are building an ecommerce intelligence platform that provides turn-by-turn directions for marketing optimization.

Modern brands on Shopify have taken an unconventional approach to building billion-dollar businesses, but they lack the support required to unlock customer value buried within their data.

Enter Segments Analytics to transform their customer data into actionable marketing recommendations and segmentation that can be used across all marketing channels. Digital customer journeys are multi-dimension and complex. Stop wasting time and money replicating "best-practice" journeys with defaults that don't work. Try Segments Analytics and access prebuilt segmentations and marketing playbooks built by your personal data scientist.



Segments Analytics 是一個智能電商數據平台,提供品牌一鍵分眾的服務,讓營銷團隊輕鬆做到精準營銷,提升獲客成效,回購率以及轉換率。

使用 Segments Analytics, 的品牌只需要使用1%的成本就能得到一整個數據團隊的算能與分析,在極度競爭的網路商場裡得到必須的數據變現與紅利。

公司成員 ( 1 / 2 )

John Chao

Tony Yin

John Chao Co-founder & CEO

With 20,000+ hours of data science & predictive modeling experience, John knows what success looks like and has hands-on experience in helping companies build towards their goals and aspirations. John is a firm believer in the human element of data science and analytics in business.

Tony Yin Co-founder & CTO

Tony has 7+ years of data analysis and engineering experience, spanning everything from building backend services, to web interfaces, to ETL pipelines. Tony is passionate about the customer experience and solving their problems with amazing products.


Our vision is to enable any ecommerce brand in the world to thrive with data.

To achieve that, our mission is to make data-driven marketing easy for them.

Our culture

  • Act with integrity (honesty, well-intentioned) [Integrity]
  • Scale through trust (people) and automation (code) [Collaboration]
  • Be scrappy with roles & tasks [Creativity]
  • Get shit done [Results]
  • Make everything simple, intuitive, and actionable [Intuitive]
  • Bring the human element (be personal) [Compassion]

Our Values

  • Act like an owner
  • Always be measurable and impactful
  • Be open, honest, constructive, generous, and respectful
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Build a sustainable business through rigorous product prioritization
  • Develop talent and a "Tresl Mafia"


Why work with us?

We are looking for highly technical individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship, who love working directly with ecommerce D2C brands by turning their data into actionable insights for marketing. The Poet meets Quant — we seek individuals who have the right combination of business acumen, technical ability, and product sense.


Our story

Helping customers solve business problems with data is at the core of everything we do. Having worked 15+ years in silicon valley, we know how powerful data is for driving growth, yet most companies don’t have the money or the talent necessary to unlock the value buried in their data. We’re here to change that. We want to help anyone understand their data and know what to do next, just like having your own personal data scientist.



John Chao, CEO
M.Sc. Statistics, Stanford University
Sr. Manager Data Science, LinkedIn
Demand Science Manager, IBM DemandTec



Tony Yin, CTO

BS in CS & Economics, UChicago
Sr. Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Quantitative Trader, Optiver






  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Macbooks (keep it after 1 year)

  • All national holidays observed in Taiwan with no makeup day (連假不補班)

  • An additional 1 week off during Christmas

  • Remote-first work schedule with tons of flexibility

  • We do not track paid time-off or sick leaves (do what's right)

  • Work in the highly coveted Taipei Tech Arena with other fun startups (free coffee and snacks)

  • Work with a fun, passionate international team from Silicon Valley