Project Manager

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  1. Lead the planning and implementation of the project.
  2. Manage project resource allocation; Plan and schedule project timelines and track project deliverables

  3. Constantly report on progress of the project to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress.

  4. Support business initiatives and ensure good coordination, including holding meetings, documentation and establishing standardized progress. 

  5. Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


  1. 負責專案管理並執行

  2. 進行內外部工作溝通、協調、進度擬定及追蹤

  3. 定期匯報專案進度、策略調整

  4. 建立和優化公司營運體系,管理公司營運必要文件和標準流程之建立

  5. 完成其他主管交辦事項



  1. Verifiable leadership experience and capabilities, with past successful project execution.

  2. Have a strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship.

  3. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high intensity environment with challenging spirit and learn new skills proactively.

  4. Detail oriented and a strong focus on quality. Must be organized, with excellent problem solving skills

  5. Able to work independently and as part of a team.

《Preferred Qualifications》

  1. Knowledge and Passion about Skincare 

  2. Sales Experience

  3. Language (English)

  4. Experience in Social media marketing

  5. Familiar with Microsoft office or Adobe CC Software

  6. Experience of using Collaboration Apps, such as Slack or Microsoft team



  1. 具有領導力

  2. 對工作積極、主動、熱情,有強烈的責任心和創業精神

  3. 能於快速變動的環境中擁抱改變、主動學習新技能。

  4. 喜愛挑戰自我,有企圖心及高抗壓性。

  5. 注重工作細節,獨立且具有問題解決能力。 

  6. 有自主性、積極溝通、重視團隊合作。


  1. 熟悉保養品、並有高度熱誠

  2. 有銷售相關經驗

  3. 英語能力

  4. Facebook、Instagram 等社群經營相關經驗

  5. 熟悉Microsoft office、Adobe CC系列等軟體

  6. 熟悉Slack、Microsoft team等通訊軟體




1. Document Screening 2. Remote interview 3. On-site interview





  • 提供Apple Mac筆電辦公
  • 提供DELL 34寸曲面螢幕辦公

  • 婚喪病生育補貼、節日禮金

  • 每月員工聚餐or聚會

  • 彈性工時上下班 

  • 每月固定員工聚餐 

  • 女性同仁生理假 


NT$ 45,000 - 65,000 (月薪)