Business Line Manager (APAC Digital Whiteboard and Commercial Display)


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We are seeking a young and major league professional to join our team of talented and entrepreneurial Business Line Managers within the APAC regional headquarter base out of New Taipei City.
The Business Line Management Division is at the core of our regional operation, with high empowerment to influence strategic decisions, and develop tactical plans and complete assignments with minimal supervision review.
This candidate will be responsible for the go to market strategies for ViewSonic Digital Whiteboard Solution and Commercial Display business line in the Asia Pacific, Oceania and Middle East regions.
Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and drive and willing to take risks to drive the strategies and effectiveness of this business line.
Demonstrate leadership potential and sales and marketing background must be coupled with direct knowledge of your functional area to ensure overall business line success.
Primary interface between BU, different functional teams and multiple country sales team.
Your strategy must be reliant upon the strategic direction of corporate vision and company goals.
Coaching and mentorship will be given on the job.

Key Responsibilities
• Financial (P&L) responsibility for the Digital Whiteboard and Commercial Display Business Line.
• Drive high business growth by ensuring your go-to-market strategies provides strong technical and product support to the Country Teams.
• Provide regular feedback and insights to different team members in the Marketing, Service, Operation, Quality Assurance and BU departments.
• Track and monitor the delivery of agreed products and services.
• Contribute to the development of the product strategy and road-map of our Digital Whiteboard Solution.
• Drive tactical programs to support the strategic direction for the business line.
• Close collaboration with your country peers to ensure highest quality performance through feedback, training and development.
• Provide guidance and facilitate cross training among departments and to country teams to drive performance.
• Coordinating with other managers and directors, you report and integrate business performance and objectives.


• Minimum 3 years’experience in related field
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong financial and operational knowledge and aptitude
• Leadership characteristics and people management skills
• Strong ability to collaborate and grow peer group talents from different cultural backgrounds
• Ability to conduct product analysis and prepare new product business plans
• Ability to increase personal technical knowledge especially in software and application trends
• Excellent English and Chinese proficiency
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
• Master’s degree is desirable


ViewSonic規劃符合組織與個人發展之學習方案,讓同仁充分發揮潛能與專業志趣。開放式的組織環境以及自由愉快的工作氣氛,帶領每一位員工盡情揮灑熱情並尋找到屬於自己的絕佳舞台。 具競爭力之薪資制度,公司提供具市場競爭力的薪資制度,並不吝與同仁分享營運上的績優表現。

■ 保障薪資14個月
■ 與績效連結之員工激勵獎金
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地區:臺灣 台北


NT$ 40,000 - 70,000 (月薪)


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