全台第一家只雇用大學生的科技新創公司The only company in Taiwan that hires college students ONLY



► Hiring Thoughts ► ► ► 

We've seen so many young brilliant minds here in Taiwan, and we feel like they're being underrated by most of the companies out there. We believe college student can be more than just an intern. 

Here at ZIMA, we worship new perspectives, new ideas, and insightful suggestions. We know that a lot of the companies say so but never act accordingly, try us. 

Our product's target audience is set to be Generation i (born after 1995), we think it's best to have a few on the team, be the fresh eyes and minds for the company, get hands-on experience as a marketing manager, product manager, and other positions that we're looking for. 


► What do we do? ► ► ► 

A place where you get to train your own AI twin, cut all the bullshit texting and searching online. Save time online and get a real life offlne.  


Get a real date that clicks

          dress of your dream in a sec

           new lunch place that you’d love

           roommate with same habits

           colleague with same values

           conversation whenever

           online shopping cart full ASAP

           dream place for vacay at a blink


ZIMA — Your AI Twin. Build it for all of the above.

Save time online, get a real life offline.


We used to think texting or swiping a stranger on our phones is the most efficent way to connect, after years of "swiping right" and being ghosted 100 times, we can both agree that we need to come up with a better way to connect. ZIMA is here to change how people social network.



► Mission ►►►

70K+ thoughts run in your head daily. Build your own AI twin, have all your trivial decisions be taken care of for you


每個人一天有至少70,000個思緒,你的 ZIMA  AI 分身從幫你分擔瑣碎決策開始


► Vision ►►►

ZIMA  AI 分身幫你省下花在網路上不必要的時間  ,讓你有時間真正生活  

1 Solve the Social Dilemma. ZIMA wants your attention to get back offline for real 

2 Make your data work for you. A world with no ads, where you get to train your AI with your data to save time from endless scrolling online

3 Have your AI twin manage your online life for you, so you can save time online, get a real life offline. 


待會吃什麼? 附近都吃膩了想找符合我口味的新地方


想找戰袍?沒時間滑10間網拍, 500頁的裙子


想搭訕他/她  不知道什麼話題有共鳴

想約會?但不知道自己適合什麼樣的人, 條件訂的合不合理

► ZIMA  AI 助理就像你的網路分身,最了解你,就能協助你處理生活中的繁瑣事

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ZIMA is the first company on earth that aims to solve The Social Dilemma with state-of-the-art technology and mechanisms. And we're doing it as fast as possible. 

Read : The Social Dilemma -- 除了一昧的責怪社交APP其實還有別的觀點


If you have thoughts on similar vision, or have the urge to improve humankind's social behavior into something better, come chat with us!



We're actually keeping our journey at ZIMA transparent on our Medium channel. This one gives a pretty detailed story on how the founders met, and how did the idea come along:

Read : Why started ZIMA in the first place


  • Flexible working hours according to your school schedules, work remotely, and we pay you what a full-timer would get ----- NT$23,800/month
  • Free coffee/meal at least once a week 
  • If you did a good job and decided to build your career somewhere else after ZIMA, we'd love to help you to get there! You'll get: 
  1. Recommendation letter from one of the ZIMA stakeholders at your choice (4 of our stakeholders are in charged of different duties : Business/Maketing / Design /  iOS Dev / AI Dev)
  2. We have a pretty extended network across many industries (advertising / design / finance / VCs / tech / startup etc), a lot of our friends and mentors have their own companies or serve as the C-levels. We'd love to introduce you to them! 

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