Head of Marketing

【各地精選,在地發現 Global Curation, Local Discovery】是 citiesocial 的宗旨。我們透過無國界選品、數據化平台運營,拉近全球精選商品與亞太消費者的距離!


citiesocial’s mission is to connect people to ideas, products and experiences that enable them to Live Their Best Life. We believe each day is a gift, and we aim to make the most of it. “TODAY, A GIFT.”

Media giant Videoland(緯來電視網)took a significant stake in citiesocial in 2023, and we are building the next generation eCommerce experience that merges media and curation to elevate the lives of our users.

As citiesocial’s Head of Marketing, you will lead citiesocial in supercharging our brand influence and building a highly virtuous user lifecycle. You will own the user funnel, and work closely with the CEO to achieve business goals.

Roles and responsibilities

1. Develop the overall marketing strategy and lead execution across growth, campaign, performance and social media marketing teams. Below is an outline of your core role for each function:

〔Growth marketing〕
Lead growth marketer in developing citiesocial’s lifecycle marketing strategy and execution plan
Analyze marketing funnels, design communication strategies, evaluate end-to-end experience across multi-channel touchpoints and deploy automation strategies

〔Campaign marketing〕
Partner with the merchandising to develop and execute annual promotion calendar 
Effectively allocate marketing resources to ensure achievement of campaign goals 
Monitor campaign performance and optimize marketing resource yield

〔Performance marketing〕
Lead performance marketer in driving paid channel performance and identify opportunities to drive budget effectiveness

〔Social media marketing〕
Lead social media marketer in developing citiesocial’s social media strategy and execution plan
Ensure social media content aligns with brand positioning and leverages key trends

2. Own and allocate the overall marketing budget across campaigns, internal teams and external agencies to ensure achievement of financial goals

3. You will develop citiesocial’s brand identity, and ensure our brand identity is effectively integrated and promoted within all marketing efforts. You will also strive to identify new opportunities to elevate our brand influence.


  • 5+ years of experience in B2C eCommerce marketing and experienced in managing teams across at least 3 of the marketing functions mentioned above
  • Proven track record of rapidly growing active customer bases and lifetime values
  • Experienced in aligning brand objectives to business objectives and ensuring all marketing efforts strongly reflect brand values
  • A creative problem solver that has proven ability in leading large scale marketing campaigns across digital, social and physical mediums
  • A good understanding of research methods and data analysis techniques


  • Experience in deploying Chat GPT to increase team productivity
  • Hands on experience of using marketing automation tools to achieve and scale results
  • Driving user stickiness through content production and community building






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