客戶成功經理 Jr./Sr. Customer Success Manager (Account Management)

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*** 需求不只一人!*** 



●  On-boarding and partnering with our customers, to ensure that they’re up and running with their platform of choice and setup for success.

●  Establish and maintain a strong relationship with key decision makers within the assigned accounts B2B customers/portfolios

●  Maintaining a consistent response and communication and ensuring customer’s expectations are well managed.

●  Reviewing customer performance and providing a strong strategic plan that results in maximizing growth and ROI

●  Contribute to feedback to the internal team on product improvements to enhance customer engagement based upon their experiences.

●  Identify customer’s growth opportunities throughout the subscription period and create and execute renewal/retention strategies as well as identifying upsell and cross sell opportunities

●  Document troubleshooting and problem resolution steps.

●  Focus on customer retention activities as part of the countries portfolio growth focus

●  Researching on various All-in-One Cross Channel Platform and Digital Marketing tools, processes and concepts.

●  Driving & managing customer success activities + outcomes in the Taiwan market

●  Defining and optimizing the customer lifecycle

●  Establishing the company’s definitions and goals for customer growth

●  Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and learn from best practices in the industry


●  懂得利用數據幫助各產業客戶做行銷策略,結合企業內外部數據表現(如: Google Analytics) 進行決策分析,幫助客戶達到企業業績目標。
●  協助顧客整合、設置並教學使用我們的產品與服務
●  積極地協助客戶利用 Ematic 的產品與服務,執行正確的行銷策略(EDM 內容&相關行銷文案發想)。

●  定期健診客戶的表現,按照客戶使用 Ematic 服務之數據,建議適合該客戶的Ematic 服務/產品,為客戶帶來更大的效益。
●  與團隊中的策略分析師、工程師、設計師甚至是其他部門密切合作,提供穩定的行銷策略服務給客戶。

●  協助客戶優化行銷策略、或是協助客戶規劃長期且永續性的顧客使用體驗,使其生命週期更長久。

●  主動為客戶發現問題,提供客戶解決的方案,並在客戶能力所及的範圍內教學,預防下一次的狀況發生。或是提供優化的建議,讓雙方的合作更順暢且更有效率。

●  隨時掌握客戶近期的目標與未來的發展方向,替客戶尋找適合的數據行銷工具/平台,或是建議客戶用哪些 Ematic 提供的服務與產品來達到目標。

●  需要藉由與顧客保持良好與信任的關係,以達到顧客續留。你就是最關鍵的人物!



●  Have 1-2 years in Customer Success and/or Digital Marketing experience, with a keen interest in different marketing technology platforms.

●  Have analytical and strong problem solving skills to synthesize data into clear insights for customers.

●  A fast and continuous learner, especially in this fast changing technology driven environment

●  Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and perform effectively under pressure

●  Have impeccable written and verbal communication skills, both in English and Taiwanese

●  Strong characters and attitude who are:

○ Detail orientated and highly organized
○ Has good communication skills - Able to convey difficult concepts to the customers and have, good negotiation skills.

○ A good team player and aims to continue improving with the team and also able to work within and cross departments
○ A fast learner, able to adapt to change quickly and able to align with business direction

●  Basic knowledge on Email Marketing tools/platforms / Digital Marketing Tools / Data analytics, Microsoft office


If you're looking for a senior role: 

●  Have 3-5 years of Account Management OR Sales / Business Development at a Software/SaaS company, Marketing Tech company OR Digital Marketing Agency.

●  At least 2 years of management experience in leading a team. 

●  Proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships with a diverse set of internal and external constituencies

●  Excellent data analytical abilities (able to work with numbers, draw analysis)

●  Excellent organization, project management, time management, and communication + collaboration skills

●  Ability to explain technical solutions, establish goals, develop opportunities, and provide reporting/dashboards to identify trends and improve the customer experience

●  Strategic thinker who is comfortable in a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous start- up environment

●  Strong understanding of business processes/acumen and their implementation into enterprise applications

●  Have a good knowledge and exposure on Email Marketing tools/platforms / Digital Marketing Tools / Data analytics, Microsoft office.



一次與二次面試可以遠端進行、最後一關需要 Onsite






✨新創團隊的環境:帶你認識新創世界的夥伴們,拓展人脈、並成為新創界的一份子。不定期的團隊Game Night,一起打電動、密室逃脫、雷射槍戰舒壓!
✨喝酒喝不停:公司內定期舉行Happy Hour,讓你喝啤酒喝到飽,和整個電子商務產業的同行交朋友!

☑️All the perks that comes along with working in a startup; we pay competitively and we help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.

☑️Be part of a fast growing company that nurtures entrepreneurial nature, startup culture and wants to unlock the best version of you.

☑️Work with a diverse team of smart people who are also fun after work.

☑️Opportunities to learn directly from our excellent leadership team.

☑️Collaborate with a multi-national team across APAC.

☑️Opportunity to travel for better exposure across our operating markets.


NT$ 330,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)


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