Senior Biometrics Algorithm Engineer – 資深生物辨識演算法工程師 (Taipei)


The eye-tracking technology will be indispensable in AR/VR/MR. Here is your opportunity to get involved with a cool and fantastic technology.


We are hiring talented algorithm developer to join our algorithm team, located in Taipei. Your main responsibilities as a biometric algorithm developer include algorithm analysis, design and implementation. Key metrics guiding your work will be biometric performance, implementation complexity and architecture flexibility. You will work in close collaboration with hardware and software teams.


As part of our team, you will join a significant R&D effort and play a key role in the development of biometric algorithms for eye tracking, iris recognition and facial emotion recognition. The algorithm team is a part of R&D and is characterized by a high level of professional competence, as well as an open, friendly and innovative work environment.


Furthermore, through collaboration with worldwide customers, you will have the opportunity to work with leading AR/VR/MR customers together to open up the future of eye-tracking applications.


Fluent in Python, C++
Experience working with OpenCV
Expert in Computer Vision, Digital Imaging Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Strong domain knowledge in biometrics (eye/iris/face etc.), gesture recognition or human body motion analysis is a plus.
Experience with real-time image processing, computer vision system is a plus.
You are a team player with a positive problem-solving attitude.
You are open to learn new things and are driven by a deep technical interest.
You can drive assignments independently and self-manage priorities.
相關工作經歷: 2年以上



第一次面試以Phone interview的方式進行,第二次需要On-site


可以申請進行Work From Home





.分享活動:高手雲集之知識分享,AI、Deep / Machine Learning、 Image Processing、GPU 等一起互相成長。











.不定期的驚喜 Happy Time 與慶生會。

.提供好喝的 Nespress 咖啡,還有吃不完的零食。


.每季一次 Team Building,大家一起打漆彈、 畫畫、各種可能的企業交流,拓展你的視野。







( 部分福利正職員工方得享有 )