Systems Software Engineer 系統軟體工程師



名稱: Ganzin 見臻科技

地區:臺灣 台北




The eye-tracking technology will be indispensable in AR/VR/MR. Here is your opportunity to get involved with a cool and fantastic technology.
We are hiring talent for a system software engineer. We are looking for a candidate who is open-minded, passionate and comprehensive thinking.
In a flexible and supportive environment, you will be responsible for developing the eye-tracking system software and firmware. Not only functional development, but you also need to profile the system performance and optimize the system.
Furthermore, through collaboration with worldwide customers, you will have the opportunity to work with leading AR/VR/MR customers together to open up the future of eye-tracking applications.


Familiar with C/C++
Experience in embedded system and have product production
Experience in MCU and embeded debugging skill is a plus
Experience in HW/SW co-design and SoC level validation is a plus
Experience in profiling and analyze system performance bottleneck is a plus
Experience in define the testing/validation flow in factory for production is a plus
Experience in full life-cycle product launches is a plus

工作經歷: 三年以上


1. 上班時間:09:00-18:00,彈性上班模式
2. 年度員工旅遊,大家一起決定去哪玩!
3. 每季一次Team Building,大家一起打漆彈、 畫畫、各種可能的企業交流,拓展你的視野。
4. 不定期的驚喜Happy Time與慶生會
5.定期知識分享活動(Happy Hour)。我們有各方面的高手,AI, Deep/Machine Learning, Image Processing, GPU等,有互相學習成長的機會。
6. 生日假~每年一天專屬你的假日!
7. 優於業界所提供的年度健康檢查,您的健康是公司的財富
8. 提供Nespress咖啡,零食飲料,以及水果
10. 基本公司保險:勞健保與公司險



- 負責客戶文件整理,建檔以及追蹤,並在有效時間內回覆客戶信件 - 客戶連絡資料,出貨單、訂單整理、應收帳款及客...
The eye-tracking technology will be indispensable in AR/V...