Giftpack is a global on-demand gifting service that redefines the next generation of gi...



Giftpack is a global on-demand gifting service that can make people able to send gifts across cities and countries in just 3 hours with unforgettable gifting experiences. Combine tons of thousands of brand partners, delivery packers in different cities around the world.

We create a vision for people to treat without geo gap, language barrier, payment restrictions with Smart Gifting Assistant base on strong Ai and big data engine.

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Giftpack 由一群在意遠距離關係以及鍾情於生活中驚喜感動時刻的人攜手並肩而成,由舊金山矽谷的台灣人所創,我們帶著隊感動無限的想像、堅實的產品背景以及勇敢追夢的勇氣前行。

Giftpack was founded by the people who care about the long-distance relationship and the touching moments in life. We have courage to chase our dream with not only the vision beyond people’s imagination but also the solid technology and product background.
By Taiwanese in San Francisco, we look forward to meet you who has the same vision with Giftpack.






即時送禮的路上從不停歇,Giftpack 讓傳統的驚喜禮物,從漫長昂貴的國際包裹,輕巧地轉換為最快三個小時內即可以完成的享受!透過 APP或網站,輕鬆選購高品質禮品,輸入指定客製需求,最快三小時後,對方將會收到「親送」的收禮體驗,以及您所留下的溫暖留言。有了Giftpack,讓你的真心飛向遠方在意的人,無論他有多遠多困難。

“After being in a long-distance relationship, we quickly found out how difficult it was to stay connected beyond our normal communication patterns. Conquering both the time zone differences and distance is no easy feat; sending a simple message with a cup of coffee could at times be a difficult task.”

So, in February 2016, we set out to fix this issue that couples in a long-distance relationship face every day by launching the first cross-regional gifting service, which delivered Starbucks coffee to loved ones in San Francisco and Taiwan.

Started by a group of talented young entrepreneurs, we set out to turn the tide for people in long-distance relationships which also includes family, student study abroad, people working abroad and of course, international business partners. We were (and still are) insistent on providing tangible gifts, that are personalized, regionalize, and most importantly, delivered in 3-hours.

In 2017, we officially launched Giftpack, a platform that makes every city just 3 hours away. In just a few clicks on our App or Website, you can order a gift that is carefully curated by some of the best product and service providers in the respective region of your loved one; and your gift will be sent in 3 hours by one of our well-trained packers. From now on, your heart can easily fly across any region no matter how far it is.





• ✅ Access to healthcare insurance and labor insurance in Taiwan.
• ✅ Remote flexible work schedule.
• ✅ Great team with great diversity.
• ✅ Awesome work environment plus remote.
• ✅ New, clean, awesome office ( We have co-working space in different cities ).
• ✅ Flat, flexible and understanding leadership.
• ✅ Your mom will be proud of you.

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