我們對 “Regional Growth Marketing Associate (TW & HK)"的期待


Regional Growth Marketing Associate (TW & HK) role的職位對於具備積效行銷(Performance Marketing)和數據分析經驗,同時不忘建立優質品牌的優秀行銷人員來說,會是一個很好的機會。您的責任是找出新渠道以推動GMA消費者和B2B業務的增長。您將負責一切由找出商業機會、實行計劃、測試、持續優化直到成功。這個角色需要以行動優先的人,能夠像創業者般快速行動,進行不同嘗試並達到高速增長。

您除了會加入我們一班來自發展最快的科技公司(如 Foodpanda、Klook、Skyscanner、MoneySmart、KKday、Dyson等)的培訓師社群,亦會置身於來自各大企業(例如香奈兒、微軟、4A廣告公司、百事等)參與我們培訓或活動的一眾行銷人員之中。

What we expect from you as the “Regional Growth Marketing Associate (TW & HK)”

You'll be joining as part of the founding team of a bootstrapping startup which empowers the future of marketing in Asia. You will work with the teams to help GMA to expand into Taiwan while growing the HK market. The role is based in Taipei and you will also support other regional expansion initiatives.

The Regional Growth Marketing Associate (TW & HK) role is a great opportunity for experienced performance marketer with the knowledge in data analytics while capable of building a premium brand. You are responsible for uncovering new channels to drive growth for GMA’s consumer and B2B businesses. You will do the end to end execution from sizing opportunities, mapping out the test, iterating and driving success. This role requires an action-oriented individual who can operate as an entrepreneur to move quickly, test and find new growth opportunities to scale.

As part of the role, you will be joining the centre of our community of trainers from the fastest growing tech companies including Foodpanda, Klook, Skyscanner, MoneySmart, KKday, Dyson etc and also the participants from corporates e.g. Chanel, Microsoft, 4A agency, Pepsi etc








What you'll do

* In addition to doing Taiwan expansion, you will work with the team in growing revenue with the P&L (HK & TW) in mind.

* Develop GMA’s products (The growth marketing training content), and host the training as one of the trainers. We strive to provide top tier quality level of training content to help marketers & founders to improve their marketing ROI.

* Develop and own the marketing strategy across all GMA programs and channels including performance marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, PR, media and partnership etc to drive business growth.

* Develop the GMA story and brand and implement it across all aspects of the customer experience.

* Help to run scrum for marketing, support the operation to enhance the team efficiency in HK & TW.

* Support GMA’s regional growth initiatives.



*積極和飢餓 - 持續不懈地追求成果。具備“get things done”的態度,擁創業家精神,不怕捲起衣袖,在資源有限和有限的指導也能做到快速行動。


*熟悉各個績效營銷渠道 (Performance Marketing),能收集數據及進行分析。

* 2 - 4年的營銷/產品增長/績效營銷經驗,具管理團隊的經驗。

* 享受在具活力的小團隊工作,能與團隊遠距合作。



What We Are Looking For

* Hustle and hunger - ruthless dedication to results. With a “get things done” attitude. With an entrepreneurial mindset who gets hands dirty, move fast with limited resource & minimal guidance.

* We’re looking for an experienced marketer who has a passion for many aspects of marketing. Including:

* A strong understanding of performance marketing channels.

* Ability to track the data & have detailed conversations regarding analytics and metrics while balancing with consumer and creative insight.

* A balanced approach to investing in Brand and Performance.

* 2 - 4 years of marketing/product growth/performance marketing experience.

* Enjoy working in a small & vibrant team. Could communicate with teammate remotely.

* Proficient in both English & Mandarin.

* Strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity and commitment to continuous improvement.


● Growth Marketer 網絡:認識到我們來自不同新創的 Growth Marketing Trainers (e.g. Klook、Skyscanner、DJI、Facebook、Ahrefs etc )
● 創業者網絡:我們是 AppWorks 加速器的培育團隊,你在 GMA 可認識到上千個優秀創業者。
● 國際化的環境:GMA在2020會進入港台以外的東南亞市場,加入GMA你會有最好的成長環境和舞台
● 香港總部:不定期員工聚餐、Team building活動、免費機票到香港總部交流機會!
● 培訓:內部培訓外,也可從我們所訂閱的線上課程平台學習新技能
● 穿著:穿上你覺得最舒適的衣服上班,如在家中一樣
● 假期:正職員工享週休二日、到職即享1年10天特休


NT$ 650,000 - 850,000 (年薪)