【Shoplus】SaaS Revenue Operations Manager

iKala 愛卡拉


Shoplus is a social commerce SaaS service. Our mission is to help social merchants Save Time and Sell More. Our business model is simply straightforward, we take monthly subscription fees from users. We believe a user is willing to pay a premium as long as we build a valuable product, saving users' pinpoint, helping them to grow their business.

Asia is the future of Shoplus and we are poised for exponential growth in the region for the next ten years. If you love to sweat, thrive in a fast-paced environment, are always challenging yourself to become better, and value fun, this is the place for you!

Owned by parent company iKala, Shoplus is an AI social selling assistant targeting SEA social commerce merchants. Based on its cutting-edge technology and human-centered product design mindset, Shoplus provides a one-stop solution including AI-Live Sell, AI-Chatbot, and AI-Messenger Plug-in tool for social merchants. Also been a partnership with Google and Facebook Massager.

If you are ambitious, and looking for a career path to global opportunity. Mast moving tempo with a startup spirit, this will be the right place for you.

【Job Description】
Report to General Manager, helping to oversee the operations of SEA offices, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippine, to ensure efficiency & profitability.

We are looking for a Revenue Operations Manager (ROM) to help us achieve ambitious growth goals. As a ROM, you will be our force multiplier, helping us scale the subscription revenue productivity through operational excellence.

You will combine your deep understanding of sales processes, systems and tooling, with data management and analysis to identify key trends/relationships and recommend projects to optimize productivity, also the experience in growing revenue in SaaS business model, understanding its growth patent, and CAC/LTV, funnels, etc.

In Shoplus, you will:
- Lead on high priority sales initiatives, including business process architecture, org structure, goal/quota setting, sales incentive design, market segmentation, and strategic planning.
- Develop and implement regular reporting of key performance metrics including forecasting, funnel analysis, and pipeline management.
- Design, implement and manage sales forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes in collaboration with Finance.
- Support executive analyses, strategies, and deliverables for board materials.
- Provide visibility and performance tracking to the business by helping to build, maintain, and improve our data and reporting foundation.
- Create, maintain, and present documentation including rules of engagement, pricing, and process maps to ensure adherence to internal policies.
- Collaborate with our local team to implement business efficiency improvements.

Startup experience so that you know the importance of wearing different hats while needed.

More Info>>>https://www.shoplus.me/en/ 


- Native / Fluent in English.
- Business analysis experience.
- Have experience implementing business flow in multiple countries.

Startup experience so that you know the importance of wearing different hats while needed.


*Please attached your cover letter and includes the following 2 questions*

1. Why you choose Shoplus?
2. What my previous experience can contribute to?





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■ 我們不只是同事,是一起努力的夥伴朋友 
■ 我們一起努力工作,一起快樂玩耍 


NT$ 40,000 - 100,000 (月薪)


【工作內容 】  1. 根據公司的解決方案及產品,與客戶端說明及介紹  2. 熟悉業務開發,判斷潛在合作機會,提供雲端 ...
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正職NT$ 60,000 - 70,000 (月薪)
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正職NT$ 30,000 - 33,000 (月薪)
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正職NT$ 30,000 - 33,000 (月薪)
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【工作內容 Responsibilities】  1.管理並維護 KOL 資料庫 2.蒐集整理 KOL 數據與資料 3...
兼職NT$ - 160 (時薪)
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約聘NT$ 30,000 - 38,000 (月薪)