Business Development 業務開發專員(台北、桃園)



我們正在找尋 Business Development 加入到我們的團隊中,Business Development 的特質需要享受在勇於接受挑戰,對於目標會勇往直前,幫助餐飲集團和inline 在市場中探索很多合作機會和擁抱各個企業不同點並想出合作可能的角色。

We’re looking to add the business development to the team, who enjoys accepting the challenges, hits the targets, and explores the differences and opportunities with leading F&B , and the enterprises in the market. Providing and making the magics for customers and the business partners.


  • 業務拓展、市場陌生開發 。 
  • 進行客戶端產品介紹、協助客戶系統導入並提供後續服務 。 
  • 售後客服、顧客關係維繫。 


- 至少有一年的經驗在銷售、業務開發、品牌拓展、餐飲系統等相關經驗產業
- 你是個問題解決專家,高度自主管理且高度自我導向,願意竭盡所能在對的事情,能夠傾聽並識別潛在客戶的需求
- 必須具備管理多個任務和專案的能力。
- 致力於快速展示產品價值並與客戶進行相應溝通,注重細節
- 利用準確的數據輸入和銷售報告管理客戶關係管理。
- 能夠滿足公司訂定的月度和季度目標
- 能夠獨自產出並和其他團隊共同建構出問題解決方案,定期且主動追蹤客戶可能會遇到的問題
- 擁有軟體且科技產業廣度的視野
- 擁有良好的人際關係技巧,並能夠獨立作業。

- At least 1 years experiences at sales, F&B, or Pos system industries.
- Highly self-directed, you’re a problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to reputation and success. Ability to listen and identify prospect’s needs and opportunities for their institution.
- Must have the ability to manage multiple tasks and simultaneous relationships.
- Driven to quickly demonstrate product value and communicate accordingly, highly organized with an attention to details.
- Able to provide accurate data entry and sales reporting within CRM.
- Capable of meeting monthly and quarterly sales targets and goals.
- A proactive individual with a strong track record in partnering cross-functionally to deliver solutions.
- High level of software and technical comprehension.
- Great interpersonal skills, and Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

- Previous sales experience preferred
- Interested in F&B industries


- 提供 15/13" Macbook Pro 或 Air + iPad [產品團隊]
- 升降桌,讓員工自由調整工作模式
- 免費享用不盡的零食櫃與膠囊咖啡(我們還有啤酒 tap) 。
- 寬敞明亮的辦公室在華山文創區附近,交通方便,綠意盎然顧眼睛
- 扁平化組織結構,不設限個人發展空間

- 年終獎金、業績獎金
- 不定期的團隊戶外活動及人氣餐廳聚餐
- 年節活動如過年尾牙、中秋烤肉等
- 到職立即享有10 天的休假,依據年資增加休假天數


NT$ 30,000 - 45,000 (月薪)