“Migo is neither a technology nor a service. Migo is a vision. The vision of a boy from...





“Migo is neither a technology nor a service. Migo is a vision. The vision of a boy from New York City who has been wandering the world since 1975. A global vision that stands for a different way of thinking. A habit of imagining a new future and then persevering to attain it. A vision wherein each Imagineer melds a humanist heart with the mind of a technologist, and the soul of an entertainer. A vision that will take Migo on a journey around the world, bringing entertainment and education to everyone.”

--Barrett Comiskey, Founder & CEO

Migo is a consumer focused innovation company addressing the digital divide in emerging markets, where transformative innovation is long overdue. Headquartered in Taipei with primary operations in the Philippines, Migo is a one-of-a-kind service that provides premium on-demand entertainment, education, and essential services to billions of people who are otherwise being left behind. Migo delivers the best entertainment and education to our consumers with radical new hardware and software technologies, all developed in-house. We are currently expanding operations in the Philippines and preparing to scale in the region.

Migo's technology is designed specifically for the unique infrastructure and economic challenges that exist in markets like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Africa. Our technology is uniquely capable of serving the most price-sensitive consumers in the world in markets where the full digital lifestyle will remain out of reach for most for years. We are a young, ambitious, and innovative company pursuing a transformative mission. The first generation service is currently being deployed in Metro Manila.

Migo是全球唯一,針對新興市場廣大的消費群,研發產品及服務解決 “信息鴻溝” 的創新公司。本公司全球研發暨營運總部位於台北,以自行研發的獨特多媒體平台及軟硬體技術,不懈的努力解決新興市場消費者對於娛樂及教育內容不易取得之窘境。Migo目前正籌備在第一個市場菲律賓正式營運,同時計劃從東南亞地區逐漸擴展到全球(包含印尼、印度、越南等國)的新興市場。

Migo即將推出的多媒體娛樂平台,其背後的科技是特別為消費能力薄弱的民眾,以及網路基礎建設不佳的國家而研發。我們提供消費者以最便宜的價位,無需購買新的裝置和個人網路,就能夠訂閱 Migo 平台上所有的數位內容,包括電視劇、電影、教育性質節目等題材。


We have a deep commitment to deliver much-needed products and services to over a billion under-innovated consumers via technology. Our culture is predicated upon a deep understanding of our target consumers, a shared vision to meaningfully improve their lives, a commitment to scientific and quantitative rigor, and a fundamental belief that anything is possible.

As Imagineers, we are fully dedicated and bound together by growth: the constant improvement of ourselves, our teammates, our organization, and the lives of the people we serve. We are seeking new Imagineers who yearn for the opportunity to work with a purpose, devoting their days to creating solutions to the world's most pressing problems. We value potential over experience, character over résumé, and curiosity over knowledge.

In a typical week at Migo, an Imagineer stretches and builds many different muscles: working closely with members of every part of the company through cross-functional teams, developing new abilities, and having targeted discussions with peers and leaders to drive one's personal growth ever higher. Every week, Imagineers produce world-class output while learning, following their strongest passions, and discovering new ones. Imagineering at Migo is the opportunity to be at the top of your game, to make a dent in the world, and to pursue your life's work.

以消費者為中心及改善其生活為目標, Migo進入當地市場並深入了解消費者的生活與行為。基於科學的量化研究,我們一貫的信念是世界上沒有不可能完成的事情。這些特質形成了Migo鮮明的企業文化。 Migo的團隊同心協力,並全心投入一個共同願景:透過科技,創意和服務改善十億民眾的生活。

Migo是由一百五十位Imagineer 所組成的多元化團隊。 其中包含台灣、美國、菲律賓等不同國籍的工程師、 設計師與多媒體編輯師。在Migo 人才是我們的核心,我們重視人才的成長,也給予所有團隊成員一個無限大的舞台發揮。Migo能夠擁有今天的突破與成就,全是因為Imagineer 團隊的努力。Migo珍視每位夥伴的潛能、好奇心及人格特質,遠大於既有的技術、經驗、與知識。 我們相信剩下的技能都可以被培養與教導。

若你正在尋找一份對社會有意義、能夠發揮創造力並不斷自我提升、挑戰世界上尚未被解決難題的工作,我們很想認識你! 請透過Migo的官網 www.migo.tv/join 應征。


Migo is led by Barrett Comiskey, inducted into the U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame as one of the fathers of E-Ink (the technology behind the Amazon Kindle), which he developed as an undergraduate at MIT. Barrett is a proven entrepreneur with a track record of success. He has been living in Asia for the last 15 years, and Migo is the culmination of decades of thought and experience.

公司的創辦人兼執行長,Barrett Comiskey 畢業於美國麻省理工學院(MIT),擁有史丹福(Stanford)商學院的企管碩士(MBA)。今年Comiskey因發明電子墨水(E-Ink) :驅動亞馬遜的Kindle和市面上其他品牌電子書的核心科技入選美國專利商標局國家發明家名人堂。過去的得主包括2012年入選的賈伯斯以及2015年入選的諾貝爾獎得主中村修二。 Comiskey是至今還在世的百位發明家中最年輕的一位。




• Health/Labor Insurance
• Company Issued Laptop & Mobile Phone
• Flexible Vacation Leaves
• Free Snacks and Drinks (Free beer every Friday!)
• Company parties to celebrate special events or holidays (Halloween, Christmas, End of Year etc.)

【Our Number One Benefit】
The number one benefit at Migo is the responsibility, trust and limitless opportunity for growth we give each Imagineer. Leaders focus on insight and results, not process or policies.

Imagineers at Migo are working on a first-in-the-world service and technology, a vision, that is big enough to change the lives of billions of underserved people in the world. Migo is committed to helping Imagineers reach their unlimited potential. Curiosity and Learning is at the core of our values.

We have a structured Imagineer training which will teach Imagineers the Migo way of thinking and doing. We only hire people that are intrinsically motivated to learn and grow. We are committed to providing the resources our Imagineers need to be the best, not just in Taiwan, but globally.


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=================What Will You Be Doing? ================...
=================What Will You Be Doing? ================...
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