Imagineer (Software Development Team 軟體開發團隊)

Your Life's Work


=================What Will You Be Doing? =================

The Software Development function is part of the greater Product Development team comprised of Imagineers from a diverse range of backgrounds in engineering, science, and design. The role of this team is to synthesize business and technology ideas and transform them into the next generation of Migo products. Innovation doesn't happen on its own, and we're at the forefront of it doing real research and development to solve problems that don't have answers. We are key players in determining the future product development directions in order to deliver more value to millions of Migo's target customers.

• Apply interdisciplinary engineering knowledge and user-centered design principles to design and build holistic experience ecosystems that bridge the technology and infrastructure gaps present in Migo's markets.
• Architect, design and implement highly available and scalable consumer facing and enterprise solutions on a highly decentralized service platform.
• Full stack service and application level architecture design, development and implementation: from front end user experience to building a robust platform service
• Participate in the full product development process from conception of new product ideas through analysis of business viability through development into real products, all while maintaining close collaboration with teams across the organization and our customers.
• Daily involvement in agile software development life cycle with close collaboration with cross-functional teams
• Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement best practices and tools to maximize development efficiency

=================What Will You Learn? =================

• Become a multidisciplinary T-shaped professional (broad knowledge with specialization in a particular field)
• Train rigorously to develop excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills driven by data and extensive research
• Grow measurably on a daily basis
• Learn to communicate with with efficiency and efficacy
• Develop a global perspective, gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise about various industries and a deep understanding of emerging markets

=================Why Join Migo? =================

Migo is a global team of Imagineers – and the team is growing.

As Imagineers, we are deeply committed to and bound together by our mission: bringing entertainment and education to everyone through innovation. In this endeavor, we pursue the constant improvement of ourselves, our teammates, our organization, and the lives of the people we serve. We are seeking new Imagineers who yearn for the opportunity to work with a purpose, devoting their days to creating & delivering solutions to the world's most pressing problems. We value potential over experience, character over résumé, and curiosity over knowledge.

In a typical week at Migo, an Imagineer stretches and builds many different muscles: working closely with other Imagineers across the company through cross-functional teams, developing new abilities, and having targeted discussions with peers and leaders to deliver ever greater results. Every week, Imagineers strive to produce world-class output while learning, following their strongest passions, and discovering new ones. Migo is where they pursue their life's work.

Imagineering at Migo is the opportunity to pursue meaningful work, to be at the top of your game, and to build a company which will transform the lives of the next generation of emerging market consumers.


=================Who are we looking for?=================

Individuals who:
• 1-5 years of work experience
• Yearns to devote their days to meaningful work, and to positively impact the world
• Strong analytical skills required to perform high- frequency decision making during development cycle
• Comfortable with ambiguity to form living specs and learning through rapid experimentation and readings
• Is customer-centric and passionate about building high quality, scalable software
• Possesses a relentless inner drive to learn and understand
• Seeks out new ideas and new challenges
• Demonstrates resilience, recovering quickly from difficulties
• Is characterized by a keen imagination and a mind for solving problems
• Open to taking business trips to our markets when needed
• Based in Manila (Migo takes care of travel & living arrangements)

Exposure and expertise in one of the following domain knowledge is a plus (not must have):
• Data manipulation and processing with relational database or NoSQL
• Android/iOS mobile app development
• Server side backend frameworks such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java Spring, Python Django, etc.
• Modern frontend framework such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc



We care about helping Imagineers stay happy, healthy, and fulfilled, so we can all maximize our potential. That includes generous health and labor insurance, company issues hardware, flexible vacation leaves, and regular opportunities to have fun and celebrate.

Our Number One Benefit
The number one benefit at Migo is the limitless opportunity for growth we give each Imagineer.

Imagineers at Migo are working on a first-in-the-world service and technology that is big enough to change the lives of billions of underserved people in the world.
We have a structured approach to development that will help Imagineers grow beyond their perceived limitations. We are committed to providing the resources our Imagineers need to be at their best, not just in Taiwan, but globally.




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